Giant Mosca

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The Vongola Group quickly made their way to the town ahead of them. There was smoke drifting up into the air while the yells of people could be heard in the distance.

"We need to hurry, or else..." Yamamoto trailed off.

"We need to fight to the extreme!" Ryohei shouted and ran forward.

They group rushed to the town to see buildings caught in flames, destroyed and collapsing on the floor, people running away, and other laying on the floor.

"Ugetsu! Yamamoto! Lampo! Lambo! Go and put the fires out!" Giotto ordered.

"Alaude, Hibari, get the people out of the town!"

"Knuckle, Ryohei, find and treat anyone who can't leave with Alaude and Hibari, and try to get them to safety!"

A few ways away from the town, a group of shadows could be found monitoring the area and watching the Vongola group.

"Daemon, Mukuro, deal with them." Giotto said.

The Vongola group nodded at the orders and all left to begin their assigned task.

All that was left was Giotto and Tsuna who were standing in the middle of the town looking up at the giant Mosca that was flying around town, destroying anything it could.

"Tsuna." Giotto said and looked at the teen. The teen was looking up with determination in his eyes. He looked back at Giotto and nodded. The two of them lit their dying will flames and flew up into the air.

"If it wasn't for this Mosca, we could be out looking for Gokudera and G." Tsuna thought. If there was one thing that Tsuna couldn't forgive, it was hurting one of his friends.

The giant Mosca turned and saw the two new targets floating in the air and locked on. It immediately rushed forward for the two Vongola bosses. The two of them dodged to the side with the propulsion from their flames and quickly turned around to see that the Mosca had landed on the ground. It lifted it's arms up and two missiles fired from each hand. Then missiles were then coated in a large dying will flame.

As two missiles approached Tsuna, he put his hands out and prepared to grab the missiles. As it came closer, Tsuna put his hand on each missile while flying backwards to gradually slow the missiles instead of having them crash into him. Tsuna got control of the two missiles and then turned in a circle while flinging them back at the Mosca. The two of them hit the Mosca as a dust cloud exploded into the air. Tsuna looked over at Giotto who seemed to have gotten rid of the other two missiles.

The dust cleared revealing the Mosca to be scratched, but it wasn't damaged badly.

"It's as tough as it looks." Giotto commented before flying forward and bashing the Mosca with a flame coated fist. They began to have hand-to-hand combat while Tsuna flew to the side of the Mosca and blasted it with flames.

While the two of them were fighting, the others were hurrying with their tasks. Alaude and Hibari were directing the people who could walk away from the town while Lambo, Lampo, Ugetsu, and Asari were running around trying to put out all the flames they could find. Daemon and Mukuro smirked as they ran over to the shadows and beat them mercilessly while playing tricks with illusions. Knuckle was off to the side kneeling down over a child who was a victim to the Mosca and was bleeding. Knuckle was trying to patch the child up while trying to calm the crying child down. Ryohei had another victim whose leg was bleeding and was limping while Ryohei had his arm over his shoulder for support. The two of them were trying to escape to safety when the Mosca started to spit out  dying will flames.

Flames surrounded the Mosca and a stream flames shot towards Ryohei and the hurt man. He couldn't run away in time while holding the limping victim and watched with wide eyes.

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