The gang leader wants me

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Chapter 27
Skylar's pov

"You two seem so adorable together" I smiled

She chuckled "thank you Skylar"

She sighed "he has changed my life, he looks at me like he won the biggest prize" she smiled

"He's right for you anna"

"Enough about me dear, tell me what's happening with you" she put my hands in hers.

"Its just.....Few days ago I was kidnapped and this person loved me but I didn't, I loved Sebastian more. It went to the point where he tried to confess his dying love to me by forcing me to have sex. " I heard her gasp.

Tears fell from my eyes but I still carried on, "Thank god that Sebastian came in on time and saved me from him."

"Few day later I found out that one of Sebastian's one night stands came to the house. She said I was pathetic and ugly anna. Every day when I wake up I don't like seeing myself in the mirror, I don't like the way I look."

More tears slipped out of my eye.

She hugged me "my dear, you need to talk to Sebast...."

"Anna come to me my sweet" I didn't realise Rodger and Sebastian was standing there until Rodger called for Anna.

She got up and walked towards him, he hugged her and Rodger led her out of the door.

Sebastian stalked towards me, I quickly wiped my tears away.

He picked me up and sat down with me on his lap. "Repeat that for me" he demanded

"W w what?" I stuttered in fear

"What you said to anna"

I looked down but he quickly put his two fingers underneath my chin and lifted it up. "Say it" Sebastian said.

"Every day when I wake up I don't like seeing myself in the mirror, I don't like the way I look."

Tears slipped out, Sebastian brought his hand up and touched my cheek softly wiping the tears off my face.

" Never say that okay my love your gonna get through this"

I just shaked my head side to side
"Yes we will Skylar, together" he whispered and kissed my lips.

He pulled back and rested his forehead against mine.

"I love you Sebastian" I whispered

"I love you to princess" he replied.

He kissed me again and plunged his tongue inside my mouth, the kiss got very heated.

We were both still kissing, Sebastian got up and carried me somewhere.

I was gently layed on a bed, Sebastian pulled away "baby I want to take you right fucking now" he huskily said.

I blushed "I'm ready Sebastian"

"You sure baby" he asked, I only nodded and pulled him towards me and smashed my lips onto his.

Warning sexual content

He ripped every clothing on me and I was now naked in front of his eyes.

"My princess is so beautiful" he murmured, I blushed.

He sucked my nipples which I moaned in delight, I arched my back giving him more access.

He did the same with my other breast.

He quickly took his shirt off and his pants then his boxers, my eyes widened as how big he is.

I realised I was staring too long and faced the window, he chuckled and grabbed my chin gently and faced me to him.

"No need to be shy my love, you can stare as long as you want, im all yours." Sebastian said in a deep voice.

Which turned me on more, he jumps on me but I couldn't help but be nervous about this.

"Sebastian im scared," I whispered.

"Baby girl I'll be very gently, don't worry my love" I nodded my head.

Sebastian put his hand in mine and next minute he slowly puts his member inside me going deeper and deeper.

"Aaaahhh s s s Sebastian I it hurts" I whimpered and cried out in pain.

"I hate it when your upset or hurt my love don't worry, few more seconds and the only thing you will feel is me inside you"

After few minutes Sebastian was right, I felt pleasure.

"Ooohhh Sebastian faster please"

"No problem my love " he smirked.

He thrusted faster and deeper,
"Ahhh" I cried out in ecstasy.

I felt this thing building up inside me wanting, well more like begging to be released.

"Let go my love" I did and it felt so good.

Sebastian gets up and picks me up to.

He leans his back against the wall and wraps my legs around his torso.

"Jump my love" I did what I was told.

I kept jumping up and down

"Sebastiannnnn" I moaned which earned me a grunt from him

Sebastian breathing came shorter and the thrust came slower as he cumed inside of me.

End of sexual content

He carried me towards the bed and gently layed me down whilst looking at me with love and adoration.

He got in after and spoke "Your mine, my love, just my beautiful princess."

The only thing I could do was smile, couldn't be bothered to speak as i was very tired and exhausted, few more seconds later I felt my eyes closing and let the darkness consume me.

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