e l e v e n

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the word itself haunts my life.

death has invaded my mind ever since the day I was born. I'm all to familiar with it.

I've come to the point where I just accept any circumstance that has to do with death.

it's peaceful for most, for others it's the most excruciatingly painful thing.

it's as if you're stuck in your worst nightmare on replay.

death has had its mark on me forever. it's a burden, like a child who is unwanted.

my heart burns and my stomachs aches. I can feel pain but everything is dark. I hear nothing besides my heart beat in my ears-as if a rabbit thumping on my ear drum-.

"Violet." I hear a voice calls out to me.

I can't respond. it feels as if my arms and legs are strapped down and I have duct tape on my mouth.

"please honey wake up. I need you here."

I feel a warm sensation on my hand that strikes my cold body, but I can't quite make out what it is.

"please baby girl, I miss you so fucking much."

I make out the voice to be Vic's.

"this wasn't supposed to happen, I-I think I love you Violet. please come back to me." he whispered.

Vic loves me? but just a week ago he was shoving his tongue down my mothers throat. he can't love me.

I felt a wave of coolness shoot through my body as if I was dunked into a bathtub full of cold water.

my body clenched for a few seconds and then relaxed.

my eyes fluttered open and a blinding light pierced my eyes, as I then adjusted to it.

I heard a gasp from beside me.

"V-Violet?" Vic choke out.

I slowly sat up and felt slight pain on my forehead.

I looked at Vic and examined his features. his eyebrows were raised, his lips pursed, his cheeks were tear stained, and his eyes were wide.

"you're awake!" he yelled and threw his arms around me.

I was shocked at first but I hugged back and held him tightly.

"are you okay sweet heart? oh my god I'm so sorry for hurting you! I promise I will never do it again!" he frantically shot out sentences.

"I-I'm fine." I whispered to him.

he let go of me a bit and looked down at me, he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"let's get you out of here."

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