Chapter 2

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Louis got into the bathroom turning on the light humming softly. He leaned over the edge of the tub turning on the water on a warm setting. He let it run and after he turned it on he took a pink bath bomb and through it in gently. He looked at it before stripping out of his clothing from that day which had consisted of a skirt and a long sleeves shirt that paired along with it. He got into the bath sighing as the water relaxed his tired muscles. School was hard and tiring but now add work into the mix and you had one worn out princess. He closed his eyes thinking about nothing until the curly green eyes man came into his mind and he was overwhelmed.

About 30 minutes later and a little swoon session over mister curly, he was out of the bath. He had drained all the water out and was in a robe walking into his room where he dressed in his sleepwear. He put in some little pajama shorts and a cute little top before combing out his hair and heading to bed.

Once again... All his mind thought about... The curly green eyed man with the cute name of Harry.

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