1.Yay! My life's super exciting. Not.

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                                 Yay! My life's super exciting. Not. -__-


May 18,

10:46 pm.

Ah! I'm so tired and bored right now!

I returned from a visit to my aunt's place a while ago and now, I'm practically bored to death.

Mum gave me evil eyes when I said I was going to use the laptop. I don't know what it is with her but whenever I want to surf the net, she just stares me down, (quite creepily, I must add) and that's enough to make me forget about the fact that I actually do own a laptop.

Maybe, it's because of the fact that I'm in tenth grade and tenth grade is pretty important, according to everybody, because there's a major exam coming up at the end of the year, which, whether I like it or not (so far I don't), I'm gonna have to do well in.

I'm an (in the words of my mother) underachiever.

She's always going on about how I'm the laziest teenager on earth and how I don't do any household work like one of the girls in my class. She's (the girl, I mean and not mum!) like Meg (from Little Women) meets Marriane Bryant (from Easy A).

I guess, she's more Marriane Bryant than Meg, though, except for the religious bit, which I'm not too sure about.

Anyhow, she's always chewing out on how to be a 'proper' lady and be prim. Most of her digs are directed towards me since I'm no pokey old woman unlike her.

And, well, I don't intend to be one too.

P.S.- If anybody sees me becoming 'prim and propah', puh-lease notify me beforehand 'cause in that case I'll have to make arrangements to ship myself off to some remote place or some asylum...far, far away from the rest of the society.

Or I'll do it the easy way and maybe, um, shoot myself because I could NEVER EVER live with that. (Myself becoming prim and proper, that is. Sounds bonkers, but I can't tolerate all that nonsense about being 'ladylike'. I'm fine just the way I am. Or maybe not)


May 21,

4:21 pm.

Granddad's on the phone with my aunt, so I can't even call my best friend, Ahana and have a nice chat with her. Which I'd been hoping to do since morning. And I told granddad 'bout that too.

No, not once, twice or thrice.

But, FOUR TIMES! Or frice, as I'd like to call it, for some odd reason but I don't (because it sounds like a short form/portmanteau for fried rice!).

Ughh! Sometimes, I feel he's deliberately trying to mess with my life.

5:15 pm.

Granddad's still on the phone. Talking. To my aunt. He hasn't yet hung up!

Acutally, the line got disconnected once but my aunt called him right back. I should have taken that oppurtunity to call Ahana but I didn't. Dumb me.

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