Chapter 5

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Just a quick Thank You to all you fabulous people for sticking with me on this. Sorry this is so late, my internet would Not cooperate. Anywho, that stopped me for a couple days. On to the story...

Third Person POV:

Percy felt himself appear in the sidewalk outside the apartments. He quickly sat up and made sure he was okay. He groaned, Percy had forgotten how draining mist traveling was. He made sure he had his guitar case, which had somehow ended up beside him before he completely stood up.

Percy walked up the six flights of stairs to his apartment. He quietly unlocked the door and looked inside. When, he didn't see his step dad he breathed a sigh of relief. Percy quickly stepped inside the little apartment and closed the door. That was his first mistake.

He was immediately slammed against the door in a choke hold. His eyes tried to focus on his attacker, but his body was in a panic mode. He then, was dropped onto the floor. When, his vision cleared he looked up to only stare into the beady eyes of his stepfather Gabe. That was his second mistake.

Gabe took that as a sign of defiance. So, he slapped Percy across the face, and then started repeatedly kicking him in his already bruised and did Ashley say broken? ribs. After two minutes or so of this he then grabbed Percy by his shirt and hauled him up. Percy ended up looking Gabe directly in the eye. He felt chills go down his spine when, Gabe leaned in and told him in a deathly calm tone, "This is a warning punk. Don't be late again."

He left Percy leaning against the wall, while he waddled muttering something about how he has to end up paying for everything, and how Percy was just a waste of space. Percy almost said that him working after school was the only reason they still have a roof over their heads. Seeing as all the money Gabe got he spent on poker which he always lost.

Percy picked up his guitar case and limped to his room he set down the guitar case down, he would download the photos later. Right now he needed to address his injuries. He made his way to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. Percy stepped into the shower and let the cold water run over him. Even though, his stepfather probably had the tiniest brain on the planet, he had managed to cut off the hot water to Percy's bathroom. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to have shifted but he didn't have time to let these injuries heal by themselves. The cold water suddenly started feeling a lot worse as it did its work.

Anyway, Percy could feel his ribs healing that really hurt. Suddenly his ankle felt a searing pain, he hadn't even realized it was broken. He quickly washed his hair and his body, mindful of the cuts.

When, he was done he dried himself off and got on new clothes, and was very thankful that was it was summer, and didn't have homework. Because next thing he knew he had collapsed in his bed, and was falling asleep.

                                                                                            *LINE BREAK*

When, every hero finally showed up including the young justice team, and were all seated at the very long U shaped table, Batman finally began. "This boy," he said while pulling up a picture of Percy Jackson, "is believed to have been the center of attention for this group of criminals."

"What group?" Flash asked.

"We don't know what they are calling themselves yet. But the members are believed to include, Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Brainiac." The room went silent.

"So, what are we going to do about this?" Captain Marvel asked.

"We need to get to him before they do."

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