Black Out.

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I started to watch her every move. And realised that she came out of school at 3:00pm (15mins after everyone else) one day I followed her. She walked around for hours. We was near Clapton for about 1hour. Suddenly she started to run, I ran after her. She jumped in a taxi. So I did the same "Follow that fucking taxi!" I yelled. It was like a scene from Fast&Furious we was driving for ages.

It was dark. And she finally stopped. I got out my cab and walked behind her at a distance. She said "You can come out now sean.." automatically I thought it was a set-up but that didn't stop me. I walked out slowly behind a bin and said "well why didn't you ask me to come out a while ago?" she laughed. She began to run and I ran after her. The tension was building. Suddenly I was in a woods. I lost her. I began to become anxious. Looking around, becoming paranoid. Suddenly "Clonk"  I was wacked on my head by a shovel. Feeling like I was about to pass out she walked infront of me and kicked me I'm the face. It went blank.


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