Chapter 2⭐️

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Chapter 2

   I went to attack them but as I was in the middle of the group they turned towards me. I looked around to see the guys on the floor, kneeling on the floor.

''Yeah? So what? Mostly every guy does that.'' I stated simply because it was true.

''No look at the other one.'' Josh said with pain in those blue eyes.

''Oh yeah, he is flirting with that blonde. Good for him.'' I said sarcastically .

''Dude I don't care you know that I don't date! '' I said because for some reason I could tell they were saying.

''Oh look he's not begging on his knee so that must mean he's a good guy and not a perverted jerk.'' But, they would never say that.

''Yeah well that guy looks like he is trying to get you jealous, you sure you do not know who he is?'' questions Josh.

''Is don't care because I don't like him.'' I replied .

''So, you don't care about me?'' asked the cute stranger.

''Yeah, pretty much." I said giving him an attitude.

''Oh sweetie, it's okay, you can stop playing around." He said, acting cocky.

''I'm not playing jerk, and sweetie is not my goddamn name got it?!'' I said, getting mad.

''Got it and my name isn't jerk. Seth Williams. '' the idiot Seth said, holding out his hand.

Oh my god. He was the pervert that had stopped being my friends because I was fat! Jerk. As I was about to turn around the damn boy kissed me, how dare he!

But I have to say, my hormones were kicking in and I grabbed his hair. As his hands started to go down by my ass, I pushed him and he look shocked.

''Josh, you owe me ice cream.'' I said, completely ignoring what had just occurred. Daddy you better find a hit man because Seth Williams is dying tonight!

''Fine but I'm not getting you candy like last time.When I you ate that you were jumping in my room in a bunny suit.'' he said with a crazy look in his eyes.

''And you didn't like that?'' I asked innocently, with my puppy dog face on. That's me. Plus I'm the sexiest and cutest thing in that suit. It is not sluty or anything.

''No, I liked it but you jumped on my laptop and then put a baby nursery rhyme on my IPod.'' He said getting mad because of remembering the last time I got hyper. I sure did a lot of funny things to his stuff.

''Ok fine.'' I said storming off and going to my parents to wait for Josh.

As I got there I saw Seth, and my parents, Edward and Mary.

I smiled at them and then gave my parent the "don't tell them it's me look". It must be evident by now that I have numerous looks for different people and situations.

It's not that I want to keep it a secret, it's just that, well I have something planned for Seth. Plus I still have a few weeks left till revealing my secret .

※Josh Greg's P. O. V※

I watched as she left.  T I  turned my face to the jerk who just kissed her. He is so lucky Sky's brother left when he walked up to her, because if he didn't then he was going to beat the crap out of him and I would join in.

''Hey dude, don't touch her. Got it?'' I said, really mad.

''Dude you don't scare me, man I'm Seth Williams." He said cockily, same Seth as always even though he had sunglasses on I could tell from miles away who he was. It was shocking that  Sky couldn't recognize him to my shock.

''DUDE it is me Josh and if I remember correctly, you were scared of me." I said taking off my hat and sunglasses.

''Josh is that you man? Dude what happen to you! '' He said, obviously shocked.

''You used to look like a nerd and now man; you got one of the ANGELS FROM VICTORIA'S SECRET! You got my respect man.'' He said the part about Sky a bit loud. I could see the pure hatred in his eyes.

''Thanks' I think...but no she is just a friend. You didn't know that she says no to every guy that comes up to her did you?'' I asked.

''Yeah I know but I thought she would say yes to me since I am Hollywood's golden boy." he said that with a smirk forming on his lips. He looked around and then started looking at Sky.

''Okay, well she won't and by the way you're in for a surprise anyway. Where do you live now?"

"Well we lived in Vagues but mom wanted to come here so she could see Skyler, Amber and their parents Mary Rose and Jake. '' Seth said looking as if he was in a deep thought when he said Sky's name.

''Oh so let me guess you guys moved in the house next to us right?'' I asked with a fake smile.

''Yeah. Hey man I got to meet up with mom, dad and the others. She will kill me since it's not every day she has time for family bonding and more in Puerto Rico because it is not actually close to work" Seth said and then started walking to where Sky was.

I took out my phone and texted Sky, telling her to meet me down here.


''Hey, are we getting ice cream? Because right now I need to cool off. That jerk keeps hitting on me, and I swear I'm going to KILL HIM!!!'' She said and it looks like she is mad.

The thing with Sky is that when we were little I always knew she liked Seth but when he changed, she said she hated him, but I knew she still liked him. My whole life I've been in love with her but I never told her because when we came here something happened and that is why she is scared of going out with someone. The girl is a model so she not shy; it is just that she is scared of what some guy did to her.

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