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"Told me I was awful and that shit did not phase me"


The car starts turning cold. I shiver and run my hands up and down my arms. 

It's been about twenty minutes, and I really didn't want to give in.  I leaned the car seat back and snuggled into the head rest, trying to fall asleep.  I had closed the door but the car was naturally starting to become cold, and my sleeveless top really wasn't helping. 

I notice Justin's outside light turn on, and I squint to see more clearly.  The front door swings open and I'm blessed with the sight of a shirtless Justin Bieber,  He surprisingly is covered in tattoos.  I had never noticed before because I had only seen him in long sleeves.  His entire left arm is covered along with half of his right.  Multiple messy drawings also adorn his chest, I move my eyes down to look at his perfectly sculpted abs.

He walks outside, and as he get's closer I notice the annoyed expression on his face.

I win.

Swinging open the car door, he frowns. "You're such a spoiled brat, did you know that?"

"So I've been told."

I watch him fume, but I'm only amused.  Serves him right for being an asshole.

He grabs my waist roughly and places me on his hip, walking towards his house.  I don't argue, I had already won and Justin knew it.

We enter his house and I sigh in content at the warm air.  "I'm still mad at you," Justin informs me as I snuggle my head into his shoulder, too tired to care.

"Yeah, yeah."

He sighs deeply and walks up the long, spiral staircase.  His upstairs has a balcony look-over, and there are many different hallways.  Justin takes me down the middle one and enters the very last door on my right-hand side.  He kicks the door open and I glance around at the massive room.  It's very plain, not a single painting or personal photo.  The walls are light grey, and his bedding is black.  He has a desk in the corner and two doors.  One I'm amusing is the closet and the other the bathroom.

Justin lowers my body so I'm against the plush memory foam mattress.  I smile and snuggle up to one of his pillows and pull the comforter over my cold body.  I feel his lips press against my forehead, "Such a princess," he teases.  My eyes are closed but I hear his footsteps pad away.

"Yes, hello." I hear him speak and I squint my eyes open. Justin is standing in the doorway on the phone.  "She's with me, you really should have a tighter grip on her. Do you know where Allison was tonight?"

He waits for a reply.

"Didn't think so," he snorts.  "She was out at a party with her friend who decided it was okay to let her walk alone on the streets.  Do you realize how fucking lucky you are that I was there?" He snarls into the phone and I gulp, propping myself up onto my elbows.

"Yes, we're at my house, I'll be dropping her off tomorrow morning, not tonight." He says and I watch his eyes roll back. "I'll be speaking with you tomorrow, and it won't be a fucking tea party." He hangs up the phone and places it in his pocket.

He turns to me and flinches back when he sees me awake.  "I'm sorry, did my phone call wake you?"

"Who was that?" I ask, it was obvious he was talking about me.

"Your father," he answers.

I frown, "You were speaking to him kind of...rudely."  It was my father, after all, shouldn't he be respectful.

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