An Unknown Past

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You felt something warm in your hand and your eyes fluttered open. You looked around to find yourself in a hospital room. Then you looked to your right and saw Laito sleeping in a chair next to your bed while holding your hand. You smiled at his adorable sleeping face and saw a nurse walk in. She smiled at you and whispered so she wouldn't wake him, "He brought you in after you lost a lot of blood. He's been here worrying all night." The fact that he stayed with you, touched your heart deeply. The nurse checked your charts and then informed you, "I wish I had boyfriend like yours. Anyways your blood has surprisingly replenished your body quickly, so you'll be able to leave the hospital soon." You smiled at the nurse and gave her your thanks as she left the room.

Laito stirred a little in his sleep and slowly blinked his eyes awake. "Good morning sleepy head." You said giggling slightly. His head shot up at your sweet voice and his eyes opened wide. "(Y/n)! You're awake!" He said and almost tackled you into a hug but held himself back a little so that he wouldn't hurt you to much. You giggled and hugged him back. You felt something drip on your shirt and realized Laito was crying. The fact that he was crying for you made your heart strings pull and you could feel your love growing for him by the second. You stroked his hair, a comforting action you did for him that he often enjoyed and made him relax. He sniffled and pulled back a little so he could look at your face, "I thought I was going to loose you..." He said with hurting glassy eyes. You gave him a gentle smile and cuffed his cheeks with your hands. "I could never leave you. I would go through hell and back just to make sure of that." You told him. You loved him to much not to fight hard to stay alive for him. That's what kept you going. That's what gave you the need to live. Him.

He brought his lips quickly, but gently to yours in a soft sweet kiss. When he pulled back he smiled at the girl he is so in love with. The girl he almost lost. He made a vow to himself that he would always protect you, so that he would never have to bare loosing you. Suddenly someone walked in and you both turned your heads to the door. Both of your eyes recognized the man walking in. "Fr. Suto! What are you doing here?" You said excitedly to the white haired priest with a beard. Laito looked at you and wondered how you knew the odd priest that he had met that one night. "Hello (y/n), it's been a while since I've seen you. Aside from ending up here, I hope you've been well." He said. You nodded happily in response. You saw the look of confusion on Laito's face and you explained, "When I was a baby I was sent to the church and Fr. Suto was the one who cared for me. He truly is like a father to me." Laito looked at the man who gave him a smile in return. "It's good to see you again Laito. I hope that you got something out of our last chat." This time you're the one who looked at them confused, "Fr. Suto? You know Laito?" You asked and he nodded. This time Laito explained, "he was the priest I told you about, remember?" Your eyes lit up with recognition, "Oh yeah, the one that you said I reminded you of." You said in realization. "Anyway, what are you doing here?" You asked Fr. Suto. "I'm just here for the patient. To read people's last rights and anoint the sick." He explained. "Ah, oh then will you anoint me Father?" You asked, he nodded and gave you a smile.

After he finished, you did surprisingly feel a lot better. "Thank you Father. It seems to have helped quite a lot." You said. "Well you were always an easier healer thanks to your father." He spoke to himself, but then realized what he said causing his eyes to widen. "My father? You mean my real father? You know who he is?" You asked him in slight shock by his words. You never met your father and you didn't know much of your mother other than she died not long after your birth. Fr. Suto sighed realizing he would finally have to tell you the truth about your family and its past. "Your father wasn't an ordinary man (y/n). In fact he wasn't really a man. He was an angel." He said causing your mouth to drop open. "An a-angel?" You said completely surprised. He nodded and continued his explanation, "Angels can't exist on the material plain for a long period of time, so he thought by quickly marrying your mother and conceiving a child he would help make someone who could help purify the earth and make it a better place, but in the physical world. Your mother's body had difficulty carrying you because of your father's genes which caused her to become sick soon after your birth." You were in complete shock. Your father was an angel. And your mother's death... Was your fault. "Your father wasn't able to conceive more children with your mother because of her weakened state so he tried marrying another women but your mother was still alive so the marriage was invalid and the women he 'married' had also conceived a child. But since your father sinned by betraying your mother, that made him a fallen angel. A demon in other words. So the child conceived was not part angel like you, but part demon." You thought you were going to faint from all the overwhelming news. Father? Angels? Demons? A Sibling? You had a brother or sister somewhere out there and you didn't even know. Your heart monitor speed up and you started loosing consciousness. "(Y/n)? (Y/N)!" Laito shouted as you slipped out of consciousness.

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