Chapter 42

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Chapter 42
Tris POV:

We left the hospital three days ago and now our twins are 6 days old. I had to let my stomach and stitches heal before we came home so I stayed 3 days in the hospital.

It's about 2 a.m. when I hear wailing. I sigh and sit up.

"I got it Tris, go back to sleep," Tobias says.

I mumble a quick thank you and lay back down.

Ten minutes later Tobias comes into the room with a screaming Tailynn.

"I've tried everything but I think she needs to be fed."

I groan and sit up, taking our daughter from Tobias. She eats hungrily for a while, and then I burp her. Soon after, we hear Trevor screaming from their room.

"I'll put her back to bed and bring Trevor in," Tobias says, yawning.

He grabs Tai and leaves the room. This is exhausting.

Tobias hands me Trevor and I feed and burp him, then put him back to sleep in his room.

I lay back down in bed and curl up next to Tobias.

"Thanks for helping," I whisper.

He pulls me close. "Of course, Tris. It's my job."

I smile, then drift off.


They cry again at 6 in the morning.

"Guess we're up for the day," I say.

"Yep," Tobias says, stretching.

We go to their door and open it.

"Hi Trevor! Hi Tailynn!" I say as enthusiastically as I can manage.

I pick up Trevor and Tobias gets Tailynn. They both stop crying, realizing they're being held.

"My babies are a week old today!" I say in my baby voice.

Tobias smiles down at Tailynn, kissing her forehead. He then comes over to me and kisses Trevor. I do the same to both children, and then kiss Tobias.

"They're growing up too fast," I tell him, my lip wobbling. I'm still a little hormonal after the pregnancy.

"Tris," Tobias chuckles, "we've only had them a week. We have a lot more time with them."

I nod. Trevor, not having complete control over his muscle movements, reaches his arm up and grasps the first thing he can reach. My hair. He yanks his hand back down, still holding my hair.

I let out a little yelp.

"Ouch," I groan. "You're pretty strong, huh Trev?"

I take my hair back, and look at Tobias.

"He's gonna be a Dauntless prodigy with all that strength."

"Yeah," Tobias says, smiling.

We walk to the kitchen, and Tobias puts Tailynn in a pack-n-play that we got a while back.

"You go feed Trevor, I'll watch Tailynn and cook breakfast," he tells me.


I walk to the living room and sit on the couch. The kitchen overlooks the living area, so I grab a blanket so Tobias won't see anything.

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