Where you meet

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A/N: I'm only doing four of the boys from teen wolf, Scott, Stiles, Isaac, and Derek. (Y/N) means your name. Hope you enjoy my book.

Scott- You were at school walking to your locker when you spot somebody staring at you. You stop and look at them. It was a boy who looked about your age. "Um can I help you," you say to him.

"What, sorry no," he says, " I have never seen you around here before are you new?"

"Yes. My names (Y/N)," you tell him.

"Well hello. My names Scott," he tells you.

Stiles- You were in the school library looking for your favourite comic book when you bump into somebody.

"I'm so sorry," they say, "I'm stiles."

"It's okay. My names (Y/N)," you say, "nice to meet you."

Derek- You were new to the town so you decided to take a run through the woods you had seen coming into town. You were running with one headphone in and the other one out. You hear a twig snap so you stop and turn around to see a man standing there.

"Sorry did I scare you?" he asked, "oh my names Derek by the way."

"No you didn't scare me and my names (Y/N)," you tell him.

Isaac- You were in your favourite coffee shop in town when you spot this tall-ish blondie waiting in line. You thought that he was really cute and you wanted to find a way to talk to him. You go to the line and 'accidentally' bump into him.

"I'm so sorry" you say.

"Its fine," he said, "I'm Isaac. Whats your name?"

"I'm (Y/N)," you say smiling at him.

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