One Enchanted Night - Chapter 6,7 & Part of Chapter 8

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Chapter 6

Nkosi put on her leather jacket and picked up her helmet from under the table by the door. She had already lifted up the floorboard and extracted her special muti kit and Samourei swords.

The best sword masters taught her when she was still a little girl. All the women in her family had to carry on the legacy of protecting the portals to the Neatherrealms.

People misjudged her slight form and thought her weak. Many a big man had to eat his words after belittling her.

She knows the ways of the old magic, which she derives from her forefather spirits. Her mother taught her the ways of the portal keeper. When her mother died she had to proceed with this legacy.

Nothing has happened for many years, except that the council of vampires and magic gave her the mission to protect Genevieve from harm and to keep her away from the other vampires.

If they were to find out what she is they would try to misuse her.

Nkosi had tried hard to teach her the way of the Magi, but she didn't want to learn, she believed that she had lost all power the night they stole her human life.

She walked out the door without locking it. Which in itself was odd in South Africa, but nobody enters the home of a sangoma uninvited.

She moved to the little shack at the back of her property and extracted keys from her pocket. She put on her helmet and pushed out the black Harley motorcycle and mounted it.

She rode off and went to Somerset Mall in Somerset West. Jean Claude was meeting her at a coffee shop of all places.

Her informants told her that he had become more inept of camouflaging himself as a human.

She had to yell at him through the years to please dress according to period and not some fashion out of the 1700's.

He visited a few times without Genevieve's knowledge. Nkosi felt that it was better to keep her in the dark about certain parts of her life.

Nkosi had come to love Genevieve as a sister in the 5 years that she had to watch over her. Before her other Magi were assigned to keep watch over her, with Genevieve unaware.

The only problem was that she had to see Jean Claude again. She had to emotionally prepare herself. The last time they parted after a heated argument. Nkosi didn't want to go to Paris with him. He wanted to keep her as a life mate. In order for that to work she had to become a vampire. She couldn't bear to lose her life force. He didn't want to live in South Africa and she wasn't willing to leave here. Africa was in her blood.

She still loved him with every fibre in her body, but she wasn't going to let him know that. She isn't some little thing that just wilts at the first sight of a man.

She stopped at the entrance and parked her bike. She went to the Mugg & Bean inside the centre.

As she entered the coffee shop, she could already feel his powerful aura emanating from him. He sat in a quite corner away from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the coffee shop. His shiny black hair was tied in a ponytail in his neck.

His delectable body was clad in black tight fitting leather from top to bottom. The tips of his black biker boots protruded from underneath the ridiculously small table.

Nkosi immediately felt out of breath, she had to stop the urge to make sure that her short curls were in place. She thought better of it and tightened her lips whilst casually strolling over to the table in the back. The waitress tried to stop her, but she just gave the blonde bimbo a look and she backed off.

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