Chapter 1

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Arielle scowled and slouched further into her chair. The chair's lumpiness was only making her increasingly more aggravated about her situation. Arielle stared longingly at the window. She was on the first floor of the hospital, she could easily jump out the window and hitch hike home. Arielle started to rise, only to flop back down into her chair. Even if she did have the guts to ditch, her parents would only send her right back here...and stay in the room with her to make sure she wouldn't leave again.

"This is boring," Arielle sighed. Where the hell was this doctor guy anyway?

She scanned the office. It was pretty plain. Light green walls that hung PH.Ds, two large windows to her right, and the door to her left (you know the weird semi-see through glass ones that make you feel like you're looking at a funhouse mirror). A dark wood bookshelf sat behind her and the same type of desk in front of her. The desk was littered with files, a phone, a computer, and a gold plank that glinted tauntingly at Arielle. Dr. George Titus Lawton it read.

'What a stupid name,' she thought. Arielle threw her head back and stared at the ceiling. How was she going to cure her boredom?

An idea suddenly sprang into her mind. ' I'll get caught.' Slowly, Arielle stood up from her chair and walked over to the door. Opening it, she stuck her head out to see if anyone was coming. When she decided that no one was, Arielle tip-toed towards Dr. Lawton's desk. In her mind, if she was quite the doctor would take longer in getting to his office and wouldn't catch her snooping around his desk.

Arielle was smart enough not to touch the computer. The screen was blank, so that meant it was either power downed or sleeping, and the doctor would be sure to know that she'd been on it. While she was contemplating the possible consequences of going through his files, a yellow sticky-note caught Arielle's eye. Well, it was more what was written on it.

Don't forget our meeting tonight,
Carmen XOXO

It was written in curly letters with a light pink lipstick kiss right under the women's name. Arielle smirked evilly. She'd bet her weight in gold that Carmen wasn't this dude's wife. Arielle reached a hand out to take the sticky-note but suddenly froze when she heard voices outside the door. Arielle watched in horror as the doctor started to open the door.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Arielle leaped over the desk and jumped into her chair right was the man walked in. She turned her head towards the window, acting as if she hadn't had been sneaking around his stuff. (Also she hoped the longer she didn't look at him the longer he would take to actually talk to her.)

That plan didn't work. Dr. Lawton instantly began to talk to Arielle. "Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to take a call from my wife Maggie. You know how women can be," he joked, as if Arielle wasn't female herself.

Arielle laughed a little. Dr. Lawton mistakenly thought Arielle was laughing at his feeble attempt at a joke. When in reality, she had been laughing at the fact that shed been right about Carmen not being his wife. Can anyone say blackmail?   

"So...Arielle Johnson. Why are you here today?" He asked, sitting down at his desk.

Arielle didn't answer him. Dr. Lawton was a wrinkly old man. He had watery blue eyes and looked to be in his late 60s. Arielle frowned. This man exuded bigotry. (Bigotry was a word right?) 

"Miss Johnson?"


"Do you know why you're here today?" The doctor repeated.

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