Chapter 1~

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Toby's POV~

"This is it..." I thought as I reached the decaying bridge that reached out far across the rushing water down below, ready to break and let the waves eat me alive. I stepped on the moss infested step, and walked slowly toward the middle of the bridge, listening to the cries the bridge made every step I took. Tears blurred my vision and escaped my eyes staining my rosie red cheeks. The cold was unbearable and I shook violently. Jump... Jump!
The voices wouldn't stop.

The world would be better without you, freak! Just die! No one would EVER love you, Monster.

"N-No!" I hissed, pulling at my brown locks, more tears welling up in my carmal colored eyes.


"S-STOP!" I sobbed grabbing onto the banister for support.

Just die freak! Worthless! Murderer! You killed him!

"I-I didn't have a choice!" I screeched looking over the bridge to the rushing water below, watching my tears fall into the water.

You should have died in that fire Toby. You don't deserve to live. Just die so you can be with your worthless sister!

My breath hitched in my throat. Lyra? Anger washed over me like a giant wave. "ENOUGH! LEAVE LYRA OUT OF THIS!" I screamed venom dripping from every word that escaped my lips. More tears streamed down my stained cheeks. I sobbed and sniffed as the voices kept tormenting me, chanting for me to jump to my death. Memories of my friends came into my brain drowning out some of the voices. My co-workers, my friends, my family. Jeff, Sally, E.J, L.J, Slendy, Hoodie, Masky. What would they think? What would Masky think?

He doesn't love you, no one does.

Their right... He doesn't...I held my breath and used all of my strength to heave my self onto the wooden banister. I stood, looking down at the water. Twitch. "Stupid damn twitches!"
Why would Masky love me? Just look at me! I'm everything but perfect... I sucked in a breath and said my goodbye to the world. I was ready to die.

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