Chapter XXIV: Motel

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Holden McKinley is not what everybody thinks he is, and as Lance browse the file Morris sent to him through e-mail the more rage built up in his system.

He fiddled for his phone and called Mr. Nelsons, Holden's guardian and uncle and unsurprisingly, only relative.

"Mr. Nelson's phone," a lady voice answered.

"Can I talk to Mr. Nelson?" he asked without hesitation.

"I'm sorry sir but I can't. He's asleep," she answered.

Lance was about to protest about it but as he laid eyes on the dashboard that flashed three o'clock, the protest died down.

"Please this is really urgent," he said in a strained and rather tired voice. Lance rubbed his eyes and shook his head to stay awake. The ungodly hours and the sleepless nights, due to the conflicts between him and Andrea's parents, getting through his head and all his organ system.

"Sir, Mr. Nelson has a faili-"

"It's about Holden!" he interrupted, not the most gentlemanly thing he ever did.

"Oh, dear God! Can you hang on for a second?" the woman's voice said alarmed, and Lance was not surprised about the lady's reaction.

"What happened to him?" a weak yet awake voice of a male answered after several seconds of hushed arguments.

"He's kidnapped Andrea Owen," he answered, sharply.

"Andrea Owen? His assistant," Nelsons asked, more alarmed than the lady.


"What made you think that?" Nelson inquired.

Lance delved into the details hurriedly, pausing twice to ask if Nelson, who remained unquestioning and quiet, is still on the other end.

Nelson sighed loudly from the other side as response to his long speech, "He told me he'll not do it if I agreed with his proposition," he said, resigned.

"What?" Lance broke out loudly, "What do you mean by that?"

Nelson remained silent, "He told me he will run away with Andrea if he did not get her a promotion,"

"Run away with her? Why the hell would Andrea run away with him?" Lance voiced out his thoughts.

"I don't actually know, Mister..."

"Gallagher. Lance Gallagher," he said.

"Oh, and dare I ask what's your connection to Andrea?"

"I'm her b- father's best friend," he answered, stopping himself from saying boyfriend.

"I see," Nelson said a hint of a knowing tone in his voice.

"Do you, by any chance, know where Holden might be?" he asked.

"Though Holden may be my only relative, we are completely strangers when it comes to personal matters," Nelson answered, thoughtfully.

Lance furrowed, "How come?"

"Well, he was from England, and his family was my only relative. His parents, together with his brother, died when he was eleven, and he was in a mental institution for ten years, ever since," Nelson explained, "I'm sorry, Lance. I really do hope I can be of help," Nelson added.

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