"Hey love," Lauren came up to me and kissed my cheek. I let out a small smile and she snaked her arms around my waist.

"Do you have to go again?" I mumbled, burying my face into her neck. She sighed and stroked my hair.

"I have to," she said, "You know that,"

It's been 10 months since Lauren and I got married. For the past 4 months, Lauren hasn't been home. She's been away for work. She's been promoted at work and we rarely see her. She had just come home two days ago and she has to leave today. She looked different. Her hair wasn't light brown anymore. It was black. Her eyes weren't happy either, she looked so tired.

I tried so many times for her to tell me where she'd gone, where she'd been for the past 4 months. She said she couldn't tell me.

"How long this time," I whispered looking up at her. She bit the inside of her cheek nervously, not looking me in the eye.

"A year," she whispered.

"WHAT?!" I pulled back from her and stared at her. She had her eyes on the ground. I ran my hands through my hair, "I can't take a year without you Lauren," she looked at me with her sad green eyes.

"I'm sorry," she rubbed her forehead, "I can't do anything,"

"Quit," I ordered making her stare at me. "Lauren, we have the money, you have your books, you don't need to work!"

"I don't have a choice!" she yelled, I stepped back. That was the first time she had ever yelled at me.

"Then leave," I whispered, "If you won't tell me, than leave,"

"No Camz-"

"Leave Lauren!" I yelled, "Either you tell me what's going on or you leave," she looked at me with hurt in her eyes.

"I love you Camz," She walked up to me, "Remember that," she cupped my cheek and I felt tears well up my eyes.

"Then tell me," I whispered letting a tear fall.

"I can't," she whispered, "I will, one day, but I can't now," I stepped back and looked away.

"Go say bye to the kids," I whispered wiping my tears, "And go," I heard her sniffle and walk away.

"Goodbye Camila,"


[a/n: soooo this is just the beginning. I plan on pulling your heart strings. This story will--might be--sad and tearful--if I can do that. Long story short, Lauren's hiding something and Camila can't take it anymore. I'll update soon but for now, tell me if you guys like this. And vote? If you want to...?]

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