Chapter 4: A Swirl of Green and Hazel

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September 20th 2015

It's been two weeks. I've settled into this school. I'm actually quite enjoying school considering there are some people here challenging me and constantly keeping me on the ball. It's also great that in track everyone is so devoted, it's been hard maintaining their level but I'm managing and it's fun that I have to push myself so much.

Kate has introduced me to everyone who I need to concern myself with. But she seems to understand I don't really want any attention on me so has kept me away from the extremely popular people. She says "it's easy just not to exist in their eyes" I've really started to like her. She doesn't agree with this demographic that dictates modern society. She believes there's no democracy in these stereotypical cultures that map high schools everywhere, no matter how much we kid ourselves there is: " just look around. There's a standard that dictates us. Those brain dead jocks and cheerleaders use high school as if it's their kingdom. I never liked them just cause they think they are superior. But if you asked about the current economy or even what the weather is- the lot of them wouldn't be able to pull together a solid answer." I think that's why she tries so hard to show everyone in school no matter your social standard that she's there for you. She knows everyone's names, most people's deepest secrets, but she wouldn't tell a soul if you asked her not to. For the first time I think she is someone I could turn to if I ever needed to. I've sort of become her puppy, following her trail.

The whole school is a bit of a buzz at the moment. Basketball practice and the season is starting soon. Everyone here is crazed about that sport- something about making history with the first ever Junior as Captain this year. But I couldn't care less about that sport, it just sweaty tall dudes throwing balls haphazardly around a stinky gym court- not my cup of tea. But whatever, what are you gonna do, hey?


Basketball season is just a little off, I can almost taste it. I'm excited. What's wrong with that? Anyway, the whole school is excited so I'm not alone. Everyone thinks we are going to win for sure- so the pressure is high. But whatever, I will work this team if I have to: each and everyday. Benefits of being captain: I for once have the power. I'm lost in my thoughts as I almost skip down the hall. Okay not skip, someone with my six foot four build would look awkward skipping. But I do have this almost jump in my step.

"Ow..." A velvety voice cries out. I look down and realise I just knocked some guy to the ground. Oh, and it's that Noah guy from my English and music classes. He is scrambling for his books and papers that have flown all across the corridor. I bend down beginning to help him retrieve his papers.

"I'm so sorry man, I didn't see you there. I was just lost in my own thoughts. Dude." 

As we finally grab his stuff and put them back in an order he mumbles, "Yeah, whatever, it's fine." He's not looking me in the eye, probably scared I'm gonna hurt him or something for being in the way. Sometimes I really do hate these jock stereotypes, I'm not a bully. As he tries to stand up, I reach for his arm to help him get back in his feet. Once I'm holding his arm, I feel a weird electrical shock run through me. I can't tell whether he feels it too or if he's just confused as to why I'm touching him because he looks up at me for the first time. Then I'm lost all of a sudden in the perfect swirl of green and hazel. I can't stop myself from staring, but I'm just truly lost in those eyes. Filled with honesty and serenity. You can tell they have seen and felt hardship but they are strong- for the first time my life seems like a breeze. There was an odd sense of familiarity about them that I could not place. He looks at me and I see his face flush with colour. Then suddenly I'm looking everywhere. Studying his high cheekbones, tight lips, angular jaw line. Brown hair that is styled in a perfect mess, a tad too long but just right to comb your fingers through. Then suddenly his slender fingers reach up as he tries to place a pair of black rimmed glasses up onto his slightly crooked nose. That just slip down again. I could see why the girls thought he was hot, although shorter than me and a little less muscular he had a solid frame. Lean but obviously toned, he had a innocent look to him, with a neat and fresh style. Grey short sleeve button down shirt open to reveal a white t-shirt for a band I didn't recognise. A pair of black skinnies and a pair of beaten up converse.

I could tell he felt awkward and then I suddenly realised I didn't know how long I had been studying him. It could have been seconds or hours, it didn't matter. I could look at him for forever. This was odd, I never really cared about people but since that first day of school, I couldn't stop myself from being fascinated by him and his odd familiarity. Now he thinks I'm weird, for just staring at him. I shuffle my feet and scratch the back of my neck with my hand trying to come up with some excuse. "Uh, hey you're in my English and music right? Noah, right?" Wow, smooth dumbass.

"Uh, I guess. Um. I'm sorry, but who are you by the way?" Oh wow, that's a change - someone in this school who doesn't know my name.

"Damian. Damian Silva " he shyly half smiled, what a cute smile (why the hell am I calling him cute!)

"Uh, well it's a pleasure to meet you, but we better be off before we're late to homeroom. Catch you around Silver." Then I just stand there and watch like a sad little puppy dog as he turns on his heels and heads to his homeroom. What just happened there? I don't get it, I thought we were having a moment or something. Guess it was one sided. But what? Then I feel a smile spread across my face. "Silver". I like it- he can call me that whenever he wants. I'm not letting him get away from me again. School just got a whole lot more interesting.

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