Chapter 17: At The Rooftop

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NaMi's POV

Where on Earth is he taking me? It's been the whole day since he's been pulling me. Is it his habit to pull people's wrist? It really hurts as if your wrist's been divided into two using knives. Is he the hulk or something?

"Yah! Oh Sehun! You've been pulling me the whole day and it really hurts and would just slow down? My feet also hurts. Felt like we've been running in hundreds of marathons." I tried to grip away from him yet he's so strong.

"Shut up and stop nagging. We're almost there." He said and I just kept quiet. Arguing with him might not end. He's just really a pure devil, jerk and all those sort of nicknames is just really annoying me.

"Were here." He said then released his grip from my wrist.

At the rooftop...

"And what are we exactly gonna do here?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"Practice for our performance task in mysic." He stated nonchalantly. But seriously, at this hour? I mean lunch breaks used for free time, isn't it? That's why it's called lunch break. Wait... he isn't planning anything is he?

"You're not planning anything, are you?" I asked as if he was suspicious then he just raised his eyebrow which meant 'are you nuts?' Or 'like really, though?'

"But seriously, though are we really going to practice at this rate? I mean it's lunch break." I asked once more getting more confused.

"I was just kidding, silly." Umm... where's the joke? I haven't seen it nor heard it.

"Am I supposed to laugh? Okay... haha... very funny." I sarcastically laughed which caused me to jump in pain because of his flicking on my forehead.

"Yah! You pulled my wrist tightly then flick me on my forehead? Don't you know how that hurts? Want to try one from me? Because I'm willing to." I rolled my eyes then raised my eyebrow at him.

"I just want to be.... with you." He said which made me doubt. He's saying random things since this morning and now he's saying he wants to be with me? I know and I can feel it that he is planning something ridiculous.

"Am I supposed to laugh at that joke? Cause it's really not funny. Your jokes not sold to me. Sorry... just keep those jokes to someone else." I stated and was about to leave when he spoke.

"I'm not joking. I'm serious."He stated in a calm yet cold voice. That made me pause in my tracks and thought that he seemed serious. I turned around at him and found him looking at the city view.

"Then... why me?" I asked.

"I just wanted to say something. Maybe you could help." He said and lef tme wondering what he wanted to say and why he wanted my help.

"Then spill the beans."

We both sat beside the tree in the rooftop's garden but with a 1 meter distance away from each other.

"So what' makes you so problematic that you wanted my help?" I asked.

"I never wanted your help nor desperate enough to ask. I just said that maybe you could help not desperately asking for it." He stated coldly. Psh... he's still got a nerve. He's the one getting help then he's the one still complaining or whatever.

"Why don't you just ask Luhan about it? I'm leaving now since it doesn't seem to be that heavy problem." I stood up from the ground but then he pulled my wrist. Oh... here he goes again... the pulling of wrists.

"Just stay. Please. It's not a good idea telling him. That's why I wanted to tell it to you since you're the only one whom I knew closer besides Luhan." He said with those puppy eyes. Ugh... I just hate these kind of stuffs especially when people ask something to me desperately. I guess these kind of puppy eyes is also one of my weaknesses. Well, I'll add that to my list of weaknesses then. But wait! Did he say closer? I mean since when were we? It wasn't even once.

"Correction mister. Since when were we close nor even friends? I don't even remember. You must be dreaming." I corrected and he seemed annoyed.

"Oh come on! Just help me out here, will you?" He asked and he seemed desperate of help already.

"You said you're not desperate of my help and now why are you begging?" I say boringly and tried to pull away from his grip.

"Please...*puppy eyes*" Ugh... those eyes again.

"Err... fine. And one thing, please drop your habit of pulling people's wrists. DId you know that you grip like a hulk." I spat back and he just rolled eyes and raised and eyebrow indicating 'like-really' expression.

"How would I not if you keep on struggling yourself from the grip. Just relax. It's not like I will harm you?" I stated.

"And you think I trust you? Well... anytime and anywhere you could harm me.Like bullying." I stated which is the fact though.

"Okay.. enough... let's just get this conversation over, shall we?" He asked.

Hmm.... seems like he really needs my help. He seemed serious though. But I'm still doubting. Oh well... at least he wouldn't harm me... wait, did I just trust him? Let's say just for now. He really seemed serious with his problem.

Why don't I just help him?


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