Chapter 1;

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In the beginning there was darkness.
Over time that darkness stayed and held some of the most wicked of creatures.
It was in the 1800's that the young Salvatore girls life changed forever.

"Azazel Salvatore! I have told you how many times!" My Father screamed down the hall as I only laughed and continued to run away. He seemed to be always giving off to me, well when he was working any ways.

I had a habit of getting in the way accidentally, completely accidentally for I would never want to disappoint my Father. Ever.

"Miss Katherine is our guest and you are running wild!" He continued to yell after me, but I was long gone.

A small sigh in relief escaped my lips as I grinned and walked down the stairs exiting the house swiftly. My dress was rather.. Large. Father insisted that I looked good while our guest was here. He was too occupied with the whole idea of a guest being here.. If you ask me.

"What was he yelling about this time?" Stefan asked me as he stood on the lawn outside the mansion.

"The usual. I did something he didn't like." In reply to that I heard her laugh, the most ridiculous laugh I have ever heard and the laugh that I knew had both my brothers twisted around in love.

"He should lighten up a lot more in that case, you are a young woman who doesn't need to be yelled at all the time." Katherine spoke with such ease and she smiled at me afterwards.

"Yes." I sighed quietly and nodded, although I wasn't particularly bothered by his yelling at this stage. "Where's Damon?" I asked suddenly looking around not seeing my twin in sight.

Stefan ruffled his hair for a moment, he looked like he was thinking of how to reply. "He's near the pond, that was what he told me last."

A small frown played on my lips as I pulled up the skirt of my dress slightly and started to walk down the steps making my way towards the small pond not too far away. Damon rarely was into looking at the 'beauty' of life, unless he had some thoughts playing on his mind.

I had the slightest suspicion of what that just might be and it had only one word; Katherine.

How exactly she did it I wasn't sure, but she some how had nearly every man wrapped around her finger as if it was a game. My personal opinion was that maybe she did honestly view it all as a game. Damon seemed love struck beyond words, I had never once seen him like it in my whole life. In the passed when suitors came to parties he would vaguely be paying attention, but this, oh how this was different.

"Damon?" I asked softly as I saw him kicking a rock absentmindedly into the water with his head buried looking at the ground. "I think I love her."

His words were quiet, but still loud enough. I stepped closer so I could stand a small distance behind him. "You should be careful brother.." I trailed off slowly.

From the short time I had known Miss Pierse, I felt as if I knew her for longer. We had grown close, I would call it a friendship at this stage, but Blood would always be thicker than Water. Damon and Stefan were the two that my actual loyalties stayed with.

"She loves me back, I know she does." His head turned to the side to look at me and I saw in his eyes, the feeling that was only ever described in books. I knew he felt real about this.

"I don't doubt it. But love is dangerous game, are you sure you would be ready to play that?" I tilted my head slightly, it seemed I was being the only rational one in this situation.

Damon laughed slightly and shook his head kicking another rock hard into the water. "I'm already playing it and I'm winning. Ill ask her to marry me.."

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