On the road to recovery..

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I awoke to see the whole crew sitting all around in chairs. I decided to pretend i had lost my memory, even though I had no clue why I was even IN the hospital..

"G-guys?" I said.

"LEXI!!" They all screamed.

"Do you remember me?" Christian said.

"Ummm hmm Chase?" I said. Christian looked so sad.

"Im kidding!!" I said.

"Christian! Your name is CHRISTIAN!" I said again.

Christian jumped up and ran over and hugged me. "Don't scare me like that!!!" He said.

I laughed. "Sorry!!"

"Guys, why am I even here?!" I asked looking at them.

"You don't remember? You got hit by a drunk driver!!" Chaz said.

Suddenly it came back to me:


I saw everyone surronding me and blood everywhere. Everyone was crying.

"It, it hurts" I stuttered.

"I know babe I know..' Justin said.

Nicole was crying the most, and then, I fell asleep or blacked out or something. I dont really remember.


"Oh." I said.


I felt like this was all my fault.. I just had to over-react and go off.

I had some tears running down my face and Justin saw.

He wrapped his arm around me. I smiled weakly at him.

I could tell Margie had a look of what was that?? It almost seemed like Jealously. I doubted it though. I mean Margie wouldnt do anything right??


I hated Lexi. I hated Sophie and Nicole to. I wanted Justin.

Don't get me wrong Chaz is cute and all, but Justin is cuter.. and richer.. I mean sure Lexi got hit by a car but cmon, I was pretty!

It just wasn't fair. Watch out Nicole.. Because the next person getting hurt might be you if you dont stay away from Justin.

I get what I want. And I want Justin.


I watched Lexi lie there and then I looked at Nicole.

She had a couple of silent tears running down her face so I wrapped my arm around her.

I knew she thought it was her fault..I also felt bad for Nicole and Lexi to.

Their parents called to check if they were okay and once we said "Yes"that was the end of the conversation.

Then the doctor came in and asked how she was feeling.

Lexi said fine so she was allowed to be relased.


"Yes Im fine" I said to the doctor.

I had a broken arm, A sprained ankle and a couple other minor injures. Looks like no cheerleading for me.

I was gonna stand up to get out of bed when Christian picked me up bridal style.

"Christian! Put me down I can walk!!" I said.

"Nope!" He said.

"Fine." He carried me outside and seemed really excited for some reason.

When we walked outside i saw something I was NOT expecting to see at all.


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