Third person

Percy and Annabeth were having a nice relaxing night at the movies. So of course that meant something bad was going to happen.

"So Percy what did you think of the movie?" Annabeth asked as they left the theater heading towards Percy's mom's apartment.

He shrugged "It was ok I guess. But did we have to go see something about ancient Egypt? I mean isn't that kind of like a New Yorker cheering for the Packers? Were Greek it should be against our nature."

Annabeth smiled "Egypt is still an important part of history Seaweed Brain."

He shrugged again "Hey wanna go get a burger?"

"Percy we ate at right before the movie." She said.

"So? The movie was like two hours." He whined.

Annabeth smiled "Alright I guess so... But you're buying!" Percy grinned.

They were walking into the diner when all of a sudden Annabeth froze. Percy stopped too. "Annabeth what's wrong?"

She looked around "I don't know it just feels like someone is watching us..."

Percy held her hand "Let's get inside then." He started to head twoards the door when something in a nearby ally shifted.

The demigods reacted in seconds with weapons drawn. Out of the ally came a man in a long white coat. Then from behind him came a pair of weird human wolf hybrids.

It was the man that spoke "Take the boy, he looks promising, but leave the girl."

It took Annabeth a second too long to realize what he had said. The wolf things had shot Percy with some kind of dart, he immediately crumpled to the ground, sword clattering out of his hand. She stepped forward to attack but one of the wolf things came up behind her and hit her over the head. The last thing she remembered was seeing them put Percy in a black van then driving off.

(A/N) Well what do you guys think? This is my first fan fiction so please show a tiny bit of mercy while reading it. But by all means if you think it is really bad just tell me and I'll see what I can do. I'll try to update when ever I get a chance but I'm not making any promises.

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