Parcival wanted to throttle her, but just managed to stop himself

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Parcival wanted to throttle her, but just managed to stop himself. The woman grew taller, her face and body blurred and shifted. The assassin stared at him, though Merryn's eyes. No, not hers, there was too much darkness in these. The woman smacked his hands away as if he was but a child, and laughed in his face. She held a brown bag in her hands, that stunk of sulfur.

She turned towards his father. "Did you really think, that cell would hold me? I should finish you off now. But the master calls."

She strode over to Merryn and scooped her up. "I can't believe how easy this was." She carried her under her arms like a rolled blanket and headed towards the windows. Tied to her back was a soft white cape, covered with blood.

"Like hell you are!" He ran after her, and was met with a jarring kick to his jaw. He missed biting off his tongue by a fraction.

The woman jumped onto the windowsill. She turned and wagged her finger at him. The cape made it look like she had a white cat's tail, or perhaps the kick scrambled his eyes.

He was about to lunge again at her, when Merryn's eyes rolled open and she groaned.

"Good it's alive." Rin crouched down, as she did Merryn pulled a dagger out of Rin's sheath and stabbed her in the thigh with it. Rin grabbed the sides of the window and screeched.

He ran forward, pulled, yanked, and slid Merryn away from her. He went back over and kicked her off the window. Usually it was best to give enemies a chance, for this one he'd had enough of second chances to last several Luna cycles.

Rin as she fell, smirked, turned invisible and disappeared.

Ramio waved from the wall he was leaning on by the doorway, waved his hand. Parcival went over to him, reached down to an overturned chair, then helped him sit in it.

"Don't just blindly chase after her, any assassin worth her salt would have killed me and took off, without anyone seeing her. "

The other elders that were scattered about the room started to groan. Some sat up while others stood up and wobbled in place and held their heads.

One of younger elders, a smoldering heap.

A wind came though the windows, it swirled his ashen remains that scampered across the marble flooring, like an angry imp. Another gust swept and pulled the ashes through the window. His chest tightened and ached, the assassin was inhuman, the elder was barely twenty. It was all so senseless!

He gripped the arms of the chair and fought back a consuming rage.

Merryn struggled to get up once, palled and slid into a heap. Ashamed, he bounded over to her and tried to ease her pain.  His healing magic was still week so again he pulled out a premade potion, and poured it into her open mouth. Most of it dribbled out onto the floor, before he could put the bottle down and tilt her head back. Where was Han?

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