Hello Fascination (BxB) ch1

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Caleb's POV :3

Dear Diary,

Elloooo!!!! It's just little ol' Caleb again. Today's been kind of a 'b' with an '-itch' on the end. Dearest brother-o-mine is such a JACKBUTT! I mean, can't Patrick just learn to stop hatin' on gays? We're all homos!... Homosapiens. Nawhh but I know I just have to suck it up and last until collage when I can move out and-

"Hey Caleb. Writing in you're diary again? God, I swear. You're such a fag." Patrick burst through my door without knocking. Does anyone knock anymore!?

I flip my blond mop of hair out of my eyes so he can see me rolling them. "I'm no fag," I mutter, "It's a journal for school. You know, homework? Ever heard of it?" It's not really homework. Or a journal. It's a diary. 'Cause I'm just that much of a fag. But gladly he doesn't know it.

"Whatever. Just come down for dinner before mom chops your head off,"

Sighing, I close my d- journal and stand up. I can hear Patrick storming down the stairs in a man-hunt for food. That pig.

I straighten my shirt and calmly walk down each step, taking as long as possible. The last thing I want is to hang around my homophobic family. Especially with me being a closeted gay and all.

"Caleb, sweetie, dinner's getting cold! Get your butt down here now," Mom calls from the dinning room.

I groan to myself as I reach my loving family. They really do love and support me, but I have a feeling if they found out about my love for... bananas, I'd be screwed.

Sitting down across from Patrick, I quietly eat my meal after stupid prayer [A/N: No offence to anyone]. Mmmm peanut butter and jelly. You're never to old for PB&J goodness! Dad's talking to Mom about new neighbours so I play with the Goldfish on my plate

"Caleb! Are you even listening to me?" Dad asks, amused.

I nod my head really fast and he just laughs. "Oh, really now? Then what did I just say?"

"Umm. Something about bananas?" I ask hopefully.

He sighs and says, "No, I was asking you if you met the new neighbours yet."

"Ah, I see. No I have not. But Patrick went to go talk to one of them when they were unpacking I think. Patrick?"

Patrick scowls suddenly and says, "Yeah, I met one of them alright. His name's Tyler. He moved here with his dad and new mom and step-brother."

Mom perks up. "Oh, is he a nice boy? How old is he?"

The scowl returns. "He's my age. His brother is Caleb's age."

"Well that works out nicely," Dad offers.

"Yeah. I guess it would. If he wasn't a fag,"

The table falls silent. I glance up to see my parents staring at each other with clenched teeth. Dad clears his throat. "I... don't want either of you hanging around that family, you hear me?"

"Like I would hang around a fairy like that," Patrick mutters. All three of them look to me.

"Why would I want to hang around a sinner?" I mumble miserably. Dad nods and Patrick returns to gorging himself with food.

But Mom-.... Mom looks proud. Proud that her son sees the 'evil' in the act of disobeying God's intentions. Proud of a son that likes girls and praises God's holy word. Would she be proud if she found out that her youngest son, not only is atheist, but is also a fag? That's what hurts the most. Knowing that none of my family will ever accept me.

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