Chapter 1

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After the little incident Louis couldn't stop thinking about the tall curly haired lad. He just remembered his beautiful curls and bright green eyes so distinctly. He was absolutely swooning over him.

When Louis got home he ran upstairs into his room after telling his mum a quick 'hello' having it said back to him.

He closed the door going into his closet to pick out an outfit for their date. He ended up picking a pink oversized sweater, a short white skirt and some black vans to make it look like he didn't try hard (when really he did). He set it out on his bed (that had a light pink bedspread). He hummed softly walking out of his room and out into the kitchen where his mum stood making dinner for the night. He sighed deciding he had time to go on his phone for a bit while he waited for dinner.

Louis went on Instagram checking his notifications and messages before putting it away and looking at the table boredly. 7 minutes later his mom called out 'dinner is ready' and his sister ran down the stairs getting into their seats as their mum served their plates.

After dinner with the family, which consisted of small bickers between the sisters and talk about their day, he skipped upstairs wanting to take a bath.

Sorry it's short! :(

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