Have You Seen This Girl? She's Been Running Through My Dreams

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I watched the video with interest, Alan's look of admiration in clear view of the camera. He was staring at that minx, Diana, and playing his guitar while she sang. I looked up from the phone, handing it back to the girl who owned it. She smiled smugly and handed the phone to Stella. Stella watched the video, before dismissing the girl and turning to me.

'Well then, I guess we found our distraction.' Stella stated, raising her eyebrows. I nodded, ideas flying through my mind.

'Time to absolutely destroy him.' I said. 'We have a reputation to uphold, and when someone doesn't follow those rules...' I looked at Stella, my fingers tracing the table absentmindedly.

'What are you planning for him?' Stella asked, intrigued. I beckoned her closer and outlined the idea. She sat back, looking impressed.

'Now we can only improve it until his reputation is shattered beyond repair, and yours is higher than ever. I mean, we can't really have you being the ex-girlfriend of hockey star Alan Ashby who dumped you for an emo loner, now can we?' I shook my head.


Ashby had decided to walk me home. I found it quite amusing, since he hadn't asked me outright, he had just hopped on my bus. I had taken a seat at the front, and he was at the back. Every time I shifted, he did the sane. I knew this because of the mirror. Ashby was dumber than he seemed apparently. We came to my stop and I hopped off, Ashby quickly following suit when he realised his person of interest had moved. I started down the road, hardly making a sound. Ashby was behind me, kicking up a ruckus. I turned around and looked at him, a question in my eyes. He stumbled to a stop.

'How did you know I was here?' He asked, looking shocked.

I rolled my eyes. 'I'm not even going to answer that, Ashby. What are you doing here though? This isn't anywhere near your house.'

Alan reached up and scratched the back of his neck. 'I just...' I raised an eyebrow and Alan stepped closer.

If you blinked, you would have missed it. I saw Ashby swoop down and slam his lips against mine, his hands cradling my face. His eyes were closed, and I saw the tiny, almost unnoticeable freckles that resided on his forehead. He tasted like fresh mint, and his abs felt amazing. I pushed him away, and ran, not before catching a glimpse of his broken hearted expression. I brought my hand up to my lips and wiped them, trying to get all trace of Ashby off me. I knew it was wrong, but a tiny part of me liked it, and I hated myself for the existence of that one part.


I had been rejected. It felt horrible. I suddenly felt sorry for all the girls I had turned down when I was dating Hayley. I couldn't return to our relationship now, I would feel too guilty. I took out my phone and dialed Hayley; there was no answer. I left her a voice message telling her to call me as soon as possible. I looked in the direction Diana had fled, before turning back to the bus stop. So much for that idea. I sat down on the bench provided and waited for the bus to come back.

I felt someone sit next to me; I didn't really care. I had my music in and my eyes closed. But what doesn't usually happen at a bus stop bench is its other occupant kissing you. My eyes flew open and I saw the gorgeous silky black hair of Diana, her eyes flew open and she drew back, her grey-blue eyes sparkling. I once again cradled her face and slammed my lips against hers. This felt right. This felt good.


So. What do you think?

Title cred: Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

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