This is a story about 5 sisters named "oldest to youngest "Alana, Harmony, A 'Yanna, Tracey, Raven. The main characters are Harmony and A 'Yanna!!! The girls grow up in Jackson, Mississippi after the loss of their mother in a car accident, Harmony and A' Yanna went to live with their father; who travels a lot. Finally growing up, the girls move to Atlanta, GA to be near their sisters and fulfill their mothers' wishes and become successful. Harmony lives her dreams of being a Professional Model and well known Musician, while A' Yanna starts her own fashion agency and build a career as a Photographer. ****** Must Read ******

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Ps. this story was actually made by my little sister ChiiChii. I'm trying my best to finish it, I will be working on my own story called --->The Life Of Troubled Teens <---- Be on the look out. Comment and tell me what needs to be worked on!

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