TWO- The Untold Truth

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"Here, put this on your wrist" she demanded.

"What! Why?" Why am I the only person wearing this hideous this around my wrist.

"You're wearing that bracelet because your a newbie and everyone needs to know that.

"Why?" I question question

She shrugs her shoulders as we walk in "club rules" was all she says.

We take a seat at a bar and order our drinks. "So how did you find this place?" I ask before taking a sip from
my martini.

"Dont remember" she answered looking around the club as if she was looking for someone. "All I know it's a really great place".

"What's so great about it".

"Its either the beginning of your life or the end of it".

"What?" Confusions taking over my thoughts. What was this chick talking about?

Letting out a laugh she smiles up at me "I'm must be the alcohol". She whispered.

We then fall into an awkward silence until I decide to break it. "Do you wanna dance?".

"Yea, sure"

Grabbing my hand she pulls me in the middle of the dance floor and broke into a dance. A guy behind me grab my waist and started to 'dance' with me.

My fun was cut short when, Roselle pulled me away to the very back of the club."Where are we going?" I ask looking for security.

"We were invited"

Roselle looks behind of us before opening the door. "Selena, I'm so sorry for this" Roselle said. Before I could ask her what for she pulled out a needle and stuck it in my arm.

"What the hell, Roselle" I panicked

Giving me a sympathetic look she then grabs me by my head and bangs my head against the wall.

Instantly I started to feel dizzy, my knee buckled making fall on the floor.

"You bitch" I groan out while holding my head.

"Sorry" but I knew she didn't mean by the way she said it.

She yells something in Italian, but I couldn't understand what she said because my mind was trying to yell at my body to get up. Slowly I was loosing consciousness. Getting on all fours I try to get up but getting kicked back down.

"Just wait until I get better when I find you I'm going to kick your-" I get interrupted when I'm suddenly picked up and thrown over a shoulder.

Pinching my arm I tried to stay awake but it wasn't working. My eyes stayed on, Roselle as she was talking to someone on her phone.

Until everything went black.

My eyes fluttered open and I found myself in the trunk of a car. .

My hands were tied together by rope, same with my ankles and my mouth was taped shut.

The car was filled with silence until a few minutes later.

I heard a car door open and a man sat back inside. I jumped slightly when he slammed the door shut. My stomach twisted and my breathing became heavier from panic.

When realizion came to me. I am being being kidnapped.

I heard shuffling until he spoke. " Damien, get everything prepared, tell boss we're on our way back".

After that I was meet with nothing but silence. I tried thinking off a plan, but I couldn't think of one that would have me come out alive.

Shaking my head, I just decided to go with plan A.

Slowly I took the duck tape off my mouth, not wanting to make any noise.

I then untied the rope with my teeth and then finally my feet.

Slowly standing up on my knees I wrapped the ends of the rope around my hands, not wanting to loose the grip.

You got this, Selena just do it. Its now or never.


Taking the rope I wrap it round the man neck. His grunting pulled the drivers attention which made him speed up the car since we were on a high full of witnesses.

I put my foot on back of the seat and push off it to pull harder.

The man wrap his hand around the rope and pulls a knife and thrust it in the air trying to find me.

With him running out of oxygen he drops the knife and pull at the rope. Building up enough courage I throw myself up landing in his seat.

Straddling him I continuously throw punches at his face while he throws them at mine. Grabbing my waist he pushes me off and stomps on my stomach.

Looking down at his ankle I pull out his switch blade and thrust it through his ankle.

Groaning in pain he grabs at his ankle and pulls me up by my hair and slams be against the door.

Groaning in pain I tighten my grip around the knife and tackle him again.

Grabbing my wrist he twist it in a painful angle. Making me cry out and drop the knife.

He then pushes me back down on the floor. I then pull my heel off my foot and bang it against his head.

Again he pushes me, but I end up in all the way in the front.

The driver turns a sharp corner which results me into slamming against the passenger door.

Then speeds down the road while trying to pull out his from his back side.

Not knowing what to do, I repeatedly kick him in his face, having him swerving the car down the dirt road.

Suddenly my legs at grabbed and pulled at. Making me slam down on the floor in the back seat.

The man above me, wraps his hands around my neck and adds pressure.

My windpipe felt like it was closing in on it self. I claw at his hands, hoping it would make him loosen up his grip, but his only tightens it.

Coming up with one thing in my head, I take my fingers and try to claw his eyes out.

Feeling out in agony he lets me go and kicks me again but this time in the head.

We suddenly come to a stop and the door at yank opened. Taking a hold off my legs the person pull me out the car. Having my body slam against the pavement.

I suddenly felt light headed. Holding on my head I try to make the feel go away, but before I could I was pulled up by my hair and slammed back down on the ground.

My body was to weak to fight back, so I laid there, motionless.

I heard cursing around me until my body was finally lifted up and felt like someone was walking somewhere.

But my eye lids were to heavy to open, so I welcomed the darkness with open arms until it embraced and I was no longer conscience.

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