Chapter 16

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*A month later*

It's been a month since I've broken up with Kevin. After I had left him at the gala, he tried calling and texting me, but I ignored him. After two weeks he finally stopped. He must have gotten the hint that I do not want to talk to him.

When I did that photo shoot with him, I tried my best to avoid him by busying myself with my camera or pretending I'm on the phone. It's kind of childish of me, but I don't think I can look at his face for five seconds without feeling a pang in my chest

I know I'm being too harsh on Kevin, but I'm still hurt about him kissing Ariel at his father's dinner gala. Just thinking about that night makes me cringe.

Right now, I am giving Charlie a bath, because he decided that he wanted to run in the mud when I took him for a walk in Central Park. When I pulled him away from the dirt, all of his legs were a dark brown. Not his usual tan color.

I turn the water off in the tub and pick up Charlie. I place him on the bathroom mat and reach for his towel and brush. I can hear his chain as he shakes himself off. I laugh at him as I start drying his fur off.

When I finish brushing him and drying him off, I get off the floor and watch him run out of the bathroom. I don't chase him, because know that he's going to run to his bed and bury himself in it so he can get warm.

I head to the bathroom mirror and look at myself. My face looks like it's usual pale color. It hasn't been sunny that much in New York, instead it's been rainy and gloomy. Perfect weather for my mood.

I play with my newly dyed hair. Last week, Amber and I went to the salon to get our hair done since we were too lazy to do it ourselves. I wanted to do something new to my hair so I got my hair dyed a darker brown with a honey blonde color for the tips. I like the new look that I tried out. It makes me feel like a new person.

I head into my room and pull out my laptop. I lay down on my bed and type in my password. I pull up photoshop and reach for my camera.

Since I have nothing to do, I might as well do something that will entertain me. I have some pictures that I took of the city and I wanted to do some editing to them so that I can put them in a scrapbook that I just started doing.

I put the USB cord in my camera, and plug it into my computer. I open my files and scroll through all the pictures. After looking through my pictures three times, I decide to choose a picture of New York City at night. The image of the bright lights that light up the city pops up on my screen. The sight of the beautiful scenery brings a smile to my face. Looking at beautiful photos like this always makes me happy.

I spend about an hour editing pictures. I am looking for another picture, but one catches me off guard. It's a picture of Kevin having ice cream on his nose.

The memory hits me hard. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was two days before the dinner gala and we had went on a ice cream date.


I stop in front of the place that Kevin told me to meet him at. He just texted me and told me that he was finished with his shift at the pet shop and asked me out to an ice cream date. I had nothing to do today so I accepted.

I look up at the sign and see that it reads, 'Pinky's Ice Cream'. Kevin claims that this place has the best ice cream in New York, and since I haven't been here before, I want to see for myself.

I see Kevin wave at me from one of the patio tables. At the sight of him, my stomach flutters with a familiar feeling. I push it away though. I smile at him and hurry over. I watch as he stands up with his arms out. I run into them and wrap my arms around his waist.

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