Forget Love 5

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Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate Chap.5

 Blair’s POV


I open my eyes to the cutest strawberry blonde little five year old in the world laying on my stomach. Naomi. “Momma!! I missed you!”

“I missed you too sweetie!” I said smiling at her innocence. She knows I’m not her real momma but she loves me like one. “How about you go down stairs and get Stell to make you some blueberry pancakes while I get ready okay?”

Her eyes instantly brightened. She loves blueberry pancakes, but she loves Stell even more. When Naomi was about two or three she started carrying around a notepad so she could talk to Stell.

I sigh and get ready to go down to the studio. I really wanted to be with Naomi today. Wait! I’ll just bring her with me. Drake and Mr. Reece love Naomi to death. They’re practically dads to her.

After I was done getting ready I headed down stairs to find a very messy Naomi with blueberries and crumbs all over her face. I couldn’t help but giggle. After washing all of it off we said goodbye to Stell and headed to the studio.

“Momma what happened to mean old grandma?” she asked sucking on her thumb. Man I was gonna have to get her to stop doing that. “She went away for a very long time and won’t be coming back. So don’t you worry about her baby.” I said smiling down at her. She nodded her head and laid down in my lap.

Once we got to the studio I realized she was asleep, so I picked her up in one arm, being careful not to wake her up, carrying my bag in the other.

I walked in the studio and walked around trying to find Drake or Mr. Reece but instead found a little boy about Naomi’s age. My eyes widened in shock.

“Hello there, what’s your name sweetie?” I whispered trying not to wake Naomi up.

“My name’s Leo ma’m. What’s your name?” Leo said in a very grown-up tone.

 “Well my name is Blair. May I ask what you’re doing here?” As I was talking to him he always looked me in the eye which I found incredible. He had the absolute gorgeous violet eyes.

“Well I’m here with my brother Ari but I lost him.” He said trying to look brave but I could tell he was scared. Now that I think about he looks exactly like Ari except for his eyes.

“Well I happen to work with Ari, so why don’t you come with me and we’ll find him.” I said holding my hand out to him. He took it and started sucking on his thumb with the other. Looks like Naomi isn’t the only one in need of breaking that habit.

We walked back in the studio to find a very upset Ari who was sitting in MY chair again. As I looked more closely I saw that he was crying. I pick Leo up with my other arm and took him over to Ari.

Obviously Ari couldn’t tell I was there because he didn’t look up.

“Ari, there’s a young man here looking for you.” He looked up at me with wide pain filled eyes with tears running down his cheeks and then to Leo.

He jumped up and grabbed Leo from my arms. He hugged him so close and gently. Maybe he wasn’t as bad a kid as I thought. I heard him whispering “I can’t lose you too.” in little Leo’s ear.

It made me wonder what else he lost but I knew it wasn’t my place to ask. Leo was stroking Ari’s face and looking at him intently.

Somewhere in all the commotion Naomi had woken up. She was look at the little boy in front of her in awe. I knew that look that’s the look Naomi has when she see something special. Oh lord.

When Ari had calmed down Leo turned back to me and froze when he saw Naomi. They just stared at each other for the longest time.

I raised my eye brow at Ari. He had the most confused look on his face. It was absolutely adorable. WHOAH. Wait. What am I saying? I shook that thought out of my head.

Ari looked at Naomi and smiled. He set Leo down and I did the same with Naomi. Leo walked over to Naomi and grabbed her hand, then went off and played.

I looked Ari, “Well that was unexpected.” Ari nodded and smiled as we watched them play.

Naomi looked up at me and yelled, “Momma! I left my dolly in the car will you go get it please?” I glanced over at Ari. He was looking at me in shock at her calling me Momma.

I smiled at her and nodded. I got up and start out to the car with Ari following me. I slowed my pace so he could catch up.

“I didn’t know you have a daughter.” He whispered.

“She’s not actually my daughter Ari. Her mother died in child birth and her father drunk himself dead. She came to live with me when she was just a few months old. She knows I’m not really her mother. I was the only family she had left. She’s a very distant cousin of mine.” I told him.

He looked at me in shock and a lot of pain filled his eyes.

“You know, I just don’t get you. You laugh and smile but they’re all a ghost of happiness not the real thing. You have so much, why not be happy about it? It’s like it’s all not enough for you.”

Anger boiled inside of me and tears welled up in my eyes.

“How dare you. You have no right to judge me or think you know anything about my past. You have no clue what I’ve been through.” I said with as much venom in my voice as possible. I didn’t realize that I was crying until walked back in the studio and Mr. Reece was hugging me.

“What happened love?” he asked me with worried filled eyes.

“He thinks he knows me.” was all I said. “Say goodbye to Leo, Naomi. We’re going home.” Tears were still streaming down my face and I didn’t even try to stop them this time.

I handed Naomi her dolly as Leo kissed her cheek goodbye. As we were leaving the building Ari was coming back in. His eyes look swollen from crying but I didn’t care. He looked up at me, his eyes filled with pain and sorrow. I just turned my head away.

When we got home Naomi went with Stell. I didn’t say a word. I knew I wouldn’t get out of bed for a few days maybe weeks. That old feeling of fear and depression was back. All thanks to Ari. How dare he.

Why does he do this to me? Why does he want to know me so badly?


Okay guys! chapter five is up! and i know its pretty crappy but bare with me! thats something i had to get out of the way. Blairs past will be revealed soon along with Ari's[:

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