Mary's secret

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Mary's pov
They will never know about my little dirty secret and white lie. Hahahaha
Reader's pov
Ugh we have to take Mary and her sweet love for pink. She wants me to start wearing pink. I said no way. She just giggled and started skipping across the hallway saying come on hurry up.
We (me and Garry) just keep on walking at the same speed. Garry has changed a lot. He started to change his attitude. He is a little bit more sarcastic. It's almost funny. I know I love him but, he doesn't know I still love him.
Reader's pov *time skip
We got separated from Garry. Now I am stuck with brat Mary. She keeps looking back at me making sure I am still here. It's annoying but, I think she has been doing this the whole time.
Whatever I have officially lost my mind.
Mary's pov
Well this is great now that stupid boy is out of the way.. Yay!!!!!
Now I can kill her.
She will never know that I'm a painting. Hahahaha
This is what I've been waiting for the moment of truth.
" You know, (y/n) I was always here."
" What do you mean?"
At that moment
Garry busts in and yells Mary.
" Mary you little liar. You are such a liar and I HATE liars"
" Hahahaha hahahaha......"
" What do you have to say for yourself?"
" Hahahaha nothing I just want her dead yes, dead. hahahaha"
" Mary your insane."
Reader's pov
We ran from her and hid. Garry looks at me. " Are you okay? Did she hurt you? Please tell me your fine."
He is really concerned about me and it's cute.
" Garry, I'm fine."
" Great!"
Awe so cute when he is concerned. Does he really care that much about me. I wonder how my parents are doing.
Mom's pov
A man the artist is showing us where my daughter is. It doesn't look like she would be here.
Wait!?!?! *thought erase.

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