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-4 years later-

- shawn and jocelyn are dating and are both famous singers

-kimberly married aaron carpenter and has 1 boy named Connor

-Jennifer moved in with Jai and they are both youtubers

-Marina and Nate are dating Marina is a actress and Nate is rapper still

- Sammy is dating  a girl named Anastasia and Sammy is a model

- nash and kalolaine broke up but nash is dating a girl named taylor alexis and kalolaine is dating Connor dennis, they are still friends

-hayes is a dancer and he still talks to Marina but hayes has a crush on a girl named julie

-Matthew is an actor and is currently single

-taylor is still doing tours and has a large fanbase

- Jack and Jack are still the same and they won 3 grammys

All of them are close friends still and they are enjoying their lives☺️

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