In the Windows of St Germain's

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Leo missed dinner with his sister. They filled several hours that evening with kisses and when they were too out of breath to kiss, they lay side by side and talked. Once purple twilight hit the sky, Zelda reluctantly pulled herself off Leo's now wrinkled bedspread. Her lips were chapped from kissing and her throat dry from their endless conversation.

"Do you have to go?" Leo groaned.

Zelda's stomach knotted to see him lounging across his bed. It took every ounce of her self-control not to crawl back into his waiting arms. As much as she loved kissing Leo, she was already in too deep to leave without knowing what Leo thought was going on between them. "So what am I to you? Are we still 'getting to know each other'?" she asked, pulling on her peacoat to return to Madame LeBleu's.

Leo sat up and gave Zelda a smile. "I never want to stop getting to know you," he said.

Zelda felt her brows furrow. It wasn't quite the answer she was expecting and her apprehension quickly registered with the prince.

"Sorry." He jumped from his bed and rushed to Zelda's side to give her a reassuring smile. "What I mean is that I want to spend every day like this. With you."

"Okay," Zelda replied, a smile creeping over her own features.

Leo wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm not sure we want to go public with this, but I want to call you my girlfriend...if that's all right with you." His cheeks flushed bright crimson as he spoke.

Zelda's heart was beating so fast she thought it might altogether stop. "Yes," she breathed, pressing a kiss to Leo's lips. He clapped one of his firm hands behind her head and refused to stop their kiss for a solid minute.

"I have to go." Zelda eyed the tall, darkening windows. Her head was fuzzy with all the kissing and the academic building was likely closed for the night. She figured a walk would be good for clearing her mind.

When she finally broke from Leo's grip and fervent kisses, Zelda poofed onto the streets just outside the castle walls so she wouldn't be seen leaving through the palace gates. The evening was cool so Zelda quickened her steps to reach Madame LeBleu's. Having missed dinner, her stomach was considerably more empty now that she wasn't with Leo. A rumbling told her she was starving, so she stopped at a Schnitzel stand just as the vendor was packing up for the night. With a spicy sausage to warm her, she meandered towards the closest trolley stop and caught a nearly empty trolley back to the Fountain District and the school.

Zelda hopped off at her stop and headed for Madame LeBleu's by way of Founder's Square. All the shop windows were dark for the night. The tourists and shoppers had all moved to the River District where most of the city nightlife congregated. Founder's Square was empty as Zelda passed through in the dark of night, save for the lights of St. Germain's Shoe Emporium and the sham of a fountain.

The emporium was closed, but the window displays of shoes were still lit. As Zelda passed by, a flicker of movement caught her eye. She stopped to peer in the window as something moved between the elaborately displayed shoes. At first she thought it might have been a mouse as a hairy head darted behind a pair of leather loafers, but a movement to her left caught her eye.

Zelda blinked, worried her eyes had betrayed her, but there across the display of men's dress shoes, carrying a rag and tin of shoe polish, marched the tiniest person Zelda had ever seen. So small she would have fit in Zelda's had. Zelda leaned closer to window to get a better look at the creature. The tiny figure which polished the shoes on display, wore a tattered little dress that might have been on a doll at one point in its lifetime and had pointy little ears that poked from her hair.

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