How much do you trust

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Reader's pov
Garry and I have been through so much. We have been through some creeps. Well honestly I am so tired.
" Uhh....hey Garry a think I'm gonna pass....."
Garry's pov
" oh no uhhh (y/n) don't die."
*no answer
" (Y/N)!!!! NO DON'T GO!!! PLEASE STAY WITH ME......."
Noo she can't leave me now. She looks like she should live a long life. Why!?!?
...................................*tears fall down from his eyes
Wait, I'll just take her to a room and set her down. Maybe cover her up with my coat.
Reader's pov *time skip
" Huh, where am I?"
" Umm well I carried you." Garry that guy who is always there for me. Who cheers me up when I'm down. Who is to nervous to say anything. The guy I will always love.
" Thanks Garry. I didn't know you were that strong."
" Uh well you're not that hard to carry." Garry what a great move.
Garry's pov
" Well let's head out if you're ready."
She knods indicating that we should head out.
It's like we understand each other.
I think she is the most beautiful rose I've ever seen. I think I love her.
She is everything I ever liked and we are really great at understanding each other....
Reader's pov *time skip
We walk down the hall. There is a little blonde girl. She is so cute. Her green dress matches her blue eyes.
Girl's pov
There are people a seventeen year old boy with grayish purple hair and sorta raggity jacket and jeans and a sixteen year old girl with red eyes and brown hair wearing a white button up shirt and a red skirt. They look like a couple........
" Hello, my name is Garry and this is (y/n)."
" My name is is is Mary." Way to play it safe Mary.
" You look scared are you lost." This Garry looks harmless. Hahahaha.
" Yes I have lost my parents and I am scared of what is here."
Reader's pov
Oh my God she is so 'innocent'. I don't believe her at all. She looks evil. If you ask me. I can't stand little girls like her. I honestly can't trust her......

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