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Spring Break....

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3 boys and 1 girl sit on a table in the cafteria amongst the rest of their junior class. Andrew, Mark, Joe, and Sasha have been best friends since days far away in the distant past of diapers and play-dates in various sandboxes. It's been a tradition of theirs since their first year of Midde School to spend Spring Break in the company of eachother. However, due to issues revolving around Joe and his innumerable amounts of detention slips, incomplete homework assignments, failed exams, and being busted for weed possesion, the Fantastic Four were seperated for the holidays.

Now here they sit, the sun's shining, the birds are singing, and all is la-de-da. The Fantastic Four are awaiting each one's reaccountace of their Spring Break. Andrew looks at his 3 dear friends and solemnly states, "My break has been spent in the confides of my bedroom". Mark and Sasha nod their heads equally solemnly, "us too", they say. The someone-died aura in the air was suddenly intruppeted as Joe snorts in what can only be called astounded-yet-"how typical"-amusment.

"Duuuuudes! You guys had like, a totally un-cool vacation man! One day, I like, went to the park and I saw this like, rock. I looked closer because it was SUCH a cool rock man, all alone with no other rock in sight and everything. I looked even more closer because I could like, SWEAR, this rock had hair. And duuuudes, all of a sudden, the rock suddenly morphed into a like, rabbit! I screamed and then the rabbit morphed into this hot babe! I slid closer to her, beause like, I soooo wanted to get laid, and then DUDES! The babe morphed into an extra large chesse pizza! I was hungry ya know, so I'm like screw the babe, why don't I take a bite. So I like, did, and right before I could like swallow it, it transformed into a COBRA!!!! I screamed like a banshi man, like, seriously and turned around to run for dear life man! I turn around one more time though because the thing looked TOTALLY awesome ya know. And SUPRISE! It's a rock again!"

Moral Of The Story Kids; Never try Weed.

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