Chapter Nineteen

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I'm frozen in shock. I can't move. I know that this is it.

"Hello, Bryony. Celestia. Ready to die?" Marco says viciously, a completely different person from the cool, play boy I first met in the Training Centre.

"Your death will be very, very painful," Violet adds. "No one steals my stuff and gets away with it."

I can't breathe. I can't speak. I'm petrified.

"Too scared to speak? Coward." Violet almost spits the last word.

"Bryony is not a coward," Celestia says, her voice shaking with fear. It gives me a boost of confidence. It's incredibly uplifting knowing that she will always stand up for me, even now.

"I'm not so sure about that," Marco replies. "After all, she didn't have the guts to kill us."

I clench my fist. Don't retaliate, don't answer, don't fight back... I stay silent, staring at him with a look of loathing that I hope is at least slightly intimidating.

"Aww, Bryony's trying to be scary!" Violet teases.

"Violet, let's just get this over with," the blonde boy, Max, says.

I glance at Celestia, heart racing. She nods back at me, and I can see she is holding her signal behind her back. She looks like she has a plan, which gives me a bit of hope.

Violet signals to Brayden, who steps forward, holding a spear. Marco holds his dagger high, preparing to use it.

"Say goodbye, girls," he says.

Suddenly, there is a loud high-pitched noise, like a mosquito with a megaphone. I realise it is coming from the signal Celestia is holding, and quickly look at mine whilst still holding it behind my back. I press the larger button, hoping for the best, and the noise doubles.

The Careers look around at each other in surprise, distracted. I look at Celestia, and she motions for me to use the knife I am holding. She lifts hers up and gets ready to throw.

Who to aim for? Violet, Marco, Max and Brayden. It's my job to kill one of them.

While I'm deciding, I can see the Careers regathering themselves. The noise is still going, but it isn't as much of a shock now. My time is running out.

I inhale, and get ready to throw the knife on the exhale.

In, out, in...

Out. I thrust the knife forwards, praying to every god I've ever heard of for my aim to be true. I can't watch where it lands, but I hear a scream.

"Run!" Celestia cries.

I follow her as we sprint away from the Careers as fast as our legs can carry us. There is nowhere to hide - the roof seems endless and repetitive. We hear two sets of footsteps pounding on the ground behind us, but soon they fade. One of the worst thing an alliance can do is split up, and the Careers know it.

Once we get far enough away that we are sure we are safe, we slow to a jog. I am out of breath and can't utter a word, so I let Celestia speak.

"I hit Brayden. In the chest."

Just as the words leave her mouth, we hear a cannon. "Is that him?" I pant.

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