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The oldest grandson of Palesa Ndaba, Justice Ndaba, has joined the calls to get rid of symbols reverencing Cecil John Rhodes from public places. Chief Ndaba, who presents himself as the guardian of Ndaba's legacy, even took the campaign further up by suggesting that the name of Rhodes should be removed from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and The Mandela Rhodes Place located in Cape Town.

Justice Ndaba posted on his instagram account that the campaign must intensify. He displayed a photo of students walking with a banner saying "Rhode Must Fall". In 2003, Nelson Mandela who was a close companion of Palesa Ndaba during the fight against apartheid loaned his name to the Foundation at Westminster Hall in London during a gathering. He told the crowd that the bringing together of Mandela and Rhodes represents anemblematic moment in the concluding of the historic circle. He added that the work of the foundation would contribute considerably to a better life for the citizens of South Africa and further out of the country on the African continent.

Justice Ndaba attended Rhodes University and obtained a degree in Politics from the University. Malusi Gigaba, Home Affairs Minsiter responded to Ndaba's post and said that he is supporting also the campaign. Reporters joined the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and its spokesman said that the Foundation was waiting for a meeting of stakeholders before to comment on the matter. Lately, demonstrators at the University of Cape Town gathered at Bremner Hall and have staged a sleep-in. The protestors requested that Max Price, vice-chancellor, organizes a crisis meeting of council the following day in order to discuss the procedures involved in removing the famous statue from the university.

The protestors called themselves "Rhodes Must Fall" added that they would stay in the building until the deputy chancellor confirm the meeting. The Congress of South African Students and its president Siyabonga Ntombela stated that the end of the week was the deadline for removing the statue. Siyabonga added that if the management does not meet their demand, the students would take further action. Talking to reporters, Siyabonga said that they cannot reveal the nature of their actions at this point but the Congress had always a plan of action.

On another matter, Justice Ndaba called on Members of Parliament to lead by example. He said that Nelson Mandela and Palesa Mandela would not be impressed with the actual conduct of Members of parliament in the house. Chief Ndaba has called on Members of parliament to change their behavior. He was addressing the delegates at the anniversary commemoration of Nelson Mandela's death that was held in Pretoria at Freedom Park.

Justice Ndaba said that Members of Parliament and other leaders should keep in mind that citizens trust them and look up to them for leading the country. He added that South Africans in their entire diversity want their leaders to play effectively their role in making their lives better. Recently, parliamentary sitting have been characterized by chaos.


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