"Dude, are you okay? The wall must be that hot for you to look at it for straight up 10 minutes." Diego chuckled, as I turned my head at him.

"Yea, I'm fine, why? What's wrong?" I sighed, twirling my fingers around the empty cup of tea I had already finished and refilled for more than 3 times.

"I know this whole thing is about Arielle dude! Don't even try to hide it." Diego simpered, gesturing for the lovely waitress to come to our table.

"What makes you say that?" I raised an eyebrow at him, trying to cover it up. Trying to cover up the fact, that I'm utterly going crazy for someone that makes me feel different in a satisfyingly good way.

"Levi just stop dude, I've known you long enough to know when your in love! The fact that you already kissed her is insane! Still can't believe you beat me into it though." Diego replied with a smirk on his face, preparing to speak to the waitress he gestured to come over.

"Did you guys find everything okay?" A girl with dark brown hair approached our table.

Her hair reminded me of Arielle's, and how soft and nice it felt every time we hugged, with my arms wrapped around her soft skin and the closeness of our bodies together causing complete electricity.

"Yea it was good, thanks." Diego threw her a polite smile, as she grasped the check, walking away with it. "Man, If you feel that raw about it why don't you text her? It works all the time." Diego  pulled out his phone, knowing I never really thought about it.

"She won't answer, trust me." I replied, not even trying to get his phone he was lending me to borrow.

"Dude, she would be crazy not to answer you! You're Levi freaking Carter for god's sake." He laughed, twirling the phone around my face playfully.

"That's the thing Diego, Arielle isn't quite the average girl that throws herself out there too easily. Trust me, it's completely worthless." I sighed in disregard, pushing his arm away.

"That's funny for you to say she doesn't throw herself too easily, considering the fact you guys already kissed and it hasn't even been more than 5 weeks yet." He continued to laughed, drinking from his cup.

"That doesn't count, she even told me the kiss didn't mean anything to her." I clenched my jaw, not helping but to say the sentence with a depressed tone in my voice.

"Aw damn, dude that hurts." Diego inserted, finishing off his drink.

I decided to finish my drink too, wanting to leave already. "It's okay, I don't think she likes me, I've always noticed her eyes at Logan every time I would look at her.."

"I'm not shocked, remember my ex girlfriend Sandra? Yea dude, I broke up with her because it seemed like she was just using me to get closer to Logan. It sucks but it's hard to stay mad at him since I see him as a brother, you know?" Diego coughed, putting his hands behind his neck to stretch.

I didn't know how to answer, since Logan has stolen my last girlfriend too. Just to later break up with her since Logan thought she was too "boring."

"M'kay dude we should go right now, Dalton wants us to come at the party early." Diego pursed his lips, almost as if he felt bad for me.

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