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Niall Horan Imagine Fight

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Your P.O.V

It was a cold winter day cuddling in the living room with my boyfriend Niall Horan. Funny isn't it having a pop star boyfriend well for me it wasn't he was just a regular guy a sweet fun loving guy. We were right in front of the toasty warm fire. When suddenly Niall interrupted my thoughts "Babe could you imagine being a mom with our children running around?" Asked Niall that made me feel so guilty because what Niall didn't know was that I was pregnant. "Um.........I-I would l-love that w-wouldn't you." "Of coarse why wouldn't I just not at the moment maybe in 2 years or so." "Oh well what if it were to me right now?" "I don't know what I would do probably make you get an abortion and if not I would leave because I wouldn't want anything with that baby........Why the question babe?" Tears threaten to spill how could he say that! I stood up and said,"Oh well in that case I should leave both me and my baby because clearly you don't want us!" So I ran up stairs and packed everything I found our bedroom or should I say his room. I ran to my best friends house Liam he would know what to do. I felt so guilty for not of told him sooner but yet so mad why wound he say that. Did he not have a heart those were the questions that were flowing through my head while I drove. Ok I'm finally at Liam's house I knocked heard some shuffling and he opened the door."Hi........(y/n) why...what happened?" All I did was hug him and he carried me too the couch. I cried on his shoulders for about 10 more minutes and then I explained what happened to Liam he seemed to understand my situation and he said he would let me stay all I wanted at his place. Two days past and no sign of Niall until one day I was alone watching tv and Liam was at an interview with the boys and what a coincidence while I was flipping through channels I found the interview and I decided to watch. 

Interviewer:"so boys who is single and ready to mingle." 

Liam: I'm single 

Louis: Im not 

Harry: I'm single 

Zayn: I'm not  

Niall: I-I'm n-not 

Interviewer:Well why so glum 

Niall: I broke up with (y/n) for being stupid and I treated her like crap I'm so sorry for all I've done if I could turn back time I would. 

Niall began to try. You stood up and ran to the studio it was only 2 streets away when you got there you ran on the stage and hugged Niall. When he looked up he was so happy he jumped up like a kangaroo. Then ran to you and hugged you so very tight. He then said,"Forgive me (y/n).Forgive me what I said I want you and the baby (crowd gasps) I love you and will always love you." Then you to kissed passionately and blocked out the world.


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