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i remember when we first met. it was really weird, because i was trying really hard to be cordial but not too overly friendly, and you were really awkward. i remember cause' i was rena lovelis faceclaim at the time and i was changing my layout like three thousand times before replying to you and it was weird because at the time i was trying to build friendships with people. you just seemed really approachable, though. so, i offered to watch orange is the new black on netflix and you had said yes. we talked to each other about our lives and how you had two gay fathers and how i had two lesbian mothers. you also told me that you loved piano, too. i felt like i was not good enough to be your friend, so i sort of distanced myself? then, you told me that you'd literally be here for me with anything that i needed, and that is when i addressed you as my best friend. you've been nothing but benevolent and humane. i love ya' to infinity and back and i am honored to be one of your friends. i also recount your first heartbreak ─ i won't name the bastard, but he was completely and utterly wrong for disowning you like that. anyone would be lucky to have you, really (that's why i am ready to jab xander in his jaw if you need me to!). i'm just elated to be your best friend, novastar. your presence is a joyus thing and i know that sometimes you may feel despondent or desolate, but just recall the great times where we would talk for hours or just be losers on skype (right now, as i'm typing this, we're on skype and you're listening to "tear in my heart" by twenty one pilots. i'm quietly laughing into my pillow). anyways, you're one of the greatest companions and pal's that i could ever have and i love you lots, lil' pup. stay tuned for more to come.

─  love your lil' rat,

      imogen :')

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