Anon. & Niall

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"Biffley! Hurry up!" you yell your best friend's nickname to get her to hurry up. It was your first ever concert and to make it all the better- IT WAS A FECKING ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!

You raced up to the back door and knocked loudly. "Hello! We have back- stage- passes...." You trail off, as the door is opened by a half naked Harry. "Well. Hello." He said, grinning down at you. You and your bestie gulp. "H-hi." You finally stammer. There's an awkward silence for a few moments before Harry coughs awkwardly. "So, erm- you guys have backstage passes?" He asked, his eyes flickering to the passes you have slung around your necks. "Uh- yeah." your bestie smiles slightly, pulling it up to face height. Harry nods and moves aside to let you in. "So, you two are early." He says, leading you through to the lounge. "Uh- yeah, we um, kinda wanted to avoid traffic.." you say lamely. Harry nods and motions you to sit down. He grabs his jeans and starts pulling them on. "So, what's your names?" He asks, buttoning them up and sitting down opposite you. "Um, I'm Y/N, and this is Biffley." Harry nods. "Cool, it's very nice to meet you two." His eyes linger on your biffle, before Niall walks in. "Hey Harry Liam was wondering-" He stops short when he spots you and your bestie. "Hi! You must be the backstage pass winners?" He asks, walking over to you. You nod. "Yeah, I'm Y/N, and this is my bestie." You introduce yourselves. Niall blushes and reuses to meet your eyes. "Well, that's a pretty name, Y/N." He mumbles, shoving his hands into his pockets and kicking his feet across the carpet. Harry chuckles and stands. "Niall, why don't you show these lovely girls to their special seats?" He winks at Niall who punches him on the shoulder as Harry walks out of the room. "Well, um- this way?" He questions, showing you the way to the arena.


"THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIUL!" The boys sing, and the whole arena errupts into cheers. You and your bestie clap and cheer along too, but you sneak a smile as Niall looks over to you and blows a kiss. Your bestie grabs your arm and squeals. "OMG! I think Niall likes you!" She squeals, and you blush and shake your head. "No, no way-" You get cut off by the blinding spot light that suddenly puts you in everyone's look. "What the hell?" You say, seriously confused. Then you see Niall hurdling the rails to get to you, his mic still in hand and the boys in stage cheering and pointing. "Y/N, I know I only met you earlier tonight, but- would you go on a date with me?" Niall stumbles, holding your hands and speaking into the mic. The whole arena holds it's breath as they wait for an answer. You look around, before meeting Niall's eyes. "Yes!" You half whisper, and fling your arms around his neck. The whole crowd cheers as Niall hugs you back. For the rest of the concert, you constantly catch everyone looking at you every now and then, but the one that you care about is Niall, who spends every five seconds staring at you, the lyrics filling his eyes with his feelings.


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