Who are you

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Reader's pov
" Well, roaming here and figuring out puzzles is so much fun...."
I wonder where my parents are. Are they lost like me? I don't know. I need them to fix my dinners and be there for me. Well, honestly they don't care but, I need someone beside me and nobody is there so......
*bang the sound of a painting falling in the corner*
" Help me please."
Tears fall down (y/n)'s face.
I walk strait down the wall way and I found something but I'm to far to see it.
Thing's pov
I can see her. She looks lost. Should I lie here and wait or go help her?
I will wait.
Reader's pov
It is a boy about seven-teen years old.
He looks dead. There is a key in his hand, I will take it.
He stands up....... I'm frozen I can't move. Just look down.
*looks up*
Wow...........he is handsome.
Note: that guy every girl likes!͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Guy's pov
She is staring at me. This is normal for me. She is beautiful. Those (e/c) eyes with (h/c) hair match her wonderful.
" Are you lost too? I'm Garry."
" Hi Garry I'm (y/n)."
Wow her name suits her perfectly.......
" Well, (y/n) do you want to find away out of here together?"
" Yeah I guess so."
Reader's pov
Well, I could use the help. He looks like he is lost too. I just hope this wasn't a bad idea..........
Reader's pov*time skip*
Garry is strong............
We have figured out so many puzzles and were chased by paintings, mannequin, and dolls many dolls.
Garry doesn't like dolls at all but, he helped me so much. For that I am thankful for him.
I watch him as he walks ahead of me.
I noticed that he is scared. I am too.
We have a lot in common.
Garry's pov
*sighs " This is a living nightmare."
" I understand......"
She understands me.........

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