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TYLER flinched at the feeling of a brush dipped in cold paint sweeping across his cheek. His breath was shaky and his wrists were sore from the tight, frayed rope that dug into them. He was far too discouraged to continue struggling, he had given up a while ago when a piece of duct tape was pressed over his mouth.

The man with the mask only laughed at the boy's uneasiness. "Relax, my puppet boy. You will be done soon."

He laughed again, and the maniacal snicker sent chills down Tyler's spine. His voice was deep and almost robotic - each word was overly accentuated.

The Man's eyes glittered through the eye slits of the ivory mask - it seemed to mold perfectly to his face in the most petrifying way. Every time he laughed, the lips engraved into the disguise were still. In the awfully dim lighting, the hollow cheekbones of the mask were shadowed, enhancing the height. He even noticed a splash of liquid on one of the cheeks. Though he could not determine the colour - he had an idea of what the substance most likely was.

Tyler tried one last time to protest again, his attempts only muffled into the tape suffocating his lips. The Man slammed his fist into the boy's cheek, and, after recovering from the blow, Tyler began to shake with anger.

Tyler was very athletic with muscles sculpting his arms and chest. He would also be way taller than the short and stocky man if he could only stand up - he could definitely beat the psychopath. But unfortunately, he was bound tightly to the chair.

"I told you to stop fighting me, Puppet Boy!" The Man yelled, as Tyler tried to break his body free from the ropes.

The Man just laughed as he continued to paint his victim's face, around the tape covering his mouth. The somber sounds of classical music played in the background, chilling Tyler to the bone.

He tried hard to think back to the night he was kidnapped but his memory wasn't exactly keen, as he had been drugged several times and his recollection was still a little foggy. He had gone to a high school party, but that wasn't out of the ordinary for him. He remembered going out to his car and suddenly, he was in a terrifyingly cold room with a man hidden behind a white mask.

"All done, Puppet Boy," The Man said jovially.

If he called him Puppet Boy one more time, Tyler was sure he would lose it.

"Would you care to see your beautiful appearance?" The Man asked, and Tyler shook his head desperately. "Well, that's too bad."

The Man placed a hand mirror in front of Tyler, and Tyler looked into the bloodshot eyes of somebody unrecognizable. He no longer was the Tyler he was most familiar with, he was no longer the boy with tons of friends and a beautiful girlfriend.

He was Puppet Boy.

His cheekbones were painted to look high and child-like, a red circle of blush dotted on each of the cheeks. Thin lines were drawn from the ends of the duct tape down to his chin, and little black dots that resembled freckles littered his face.

A few tears slid down Tyler's cheeks; he hated the feeling of being tortured like this and not even having a chance to do anything about it. He also couldn't stand to think about how he would feel if he could never see his family or friends again, or if he could never get a chance to go to college and pursue his medical career. He had worked so hard, all for it to end over some psycho that wanted to turn him into Pinocchio.

"Oh, don't you worry, Puppet Boy. I know that you are just merely upset that you don't have a Puppet Girl beside you right now. She's coming, when I have her stage makeup done we will be all set. But for now, if you even so much as fight back again, I will not be afraid to find a replacement Puppet Boy," The Man told him.

Tyler nodded, his heart racing. There was somebody else? He couldn't bear to think about what goes through that psycho's mind every day. Tyler swallowed hard and tried to exhale, but the duct tape across his lips forbid him to do so. 

"I will go get the girl ready and bring you two to meet. But first..." The Man trailed off with a devious twist to his tone.

Tyler's heart pounded in his throat, his stomach wrenched and his vision blurred. To say he was horrified would be an understatement.

"We're going to complete your puppet look. So you can get ready for the show as quickly as possible."

The Man's laugh was chilling, absolutely horrifying. Tyler closed his eyes tightly, trying to blink away the tears but to no avail.

"Relax, this will only hurt a little bit," he comforted.

Tyler shook his head desperately. He was so angry yet so frightened at the same time.

"Would you stop crying like a little baby? You're a man. You're going to mess up your makeup. Your creator worked hard on that, Puppet Boy."

He grabbed a hot glue gun and pressed the burning tip to the palm of Tyler's hand, the scorching glue pouring into his hand and causing him to bite into the tape. The pain rocked his vision, blurring him in and out of consciousness. He struggled to get his hand away but it was no use, The Man only knocked his fist across Tyler's face again.

Tyler whimpered into the tape, the sound coming out as desperate and muffled.

"Shut up," he demanded, taking a string and pressing it onto the hot glue.

Tyler threw his head back in agony, his breath heavy and his vision hazy from the pain that radiated through his body. His throat bobbed as he swallowed and tried desperately to focus on anything but the scent of the chemicals burning his flesh.

The Man poured glue onto both of his hands before pulling Tyler's shoes off and squirting the blisteringly hot glue onto the tops of his feet, pressing string to that too. The pungent scent of boiling skin was all Tyler could inhale.

"All done. If this doesn't work out, and the string falls off, I will have to think of an alternative way. A more painful way, so don't you dare think about pulling them off," The Man warned, his finger tapping Tyler's nose playfully.

Tyler's eyes were narrowed and filled with hatred. His shoulders jerked forward as he ineffectively attempted to break the ropes again.

"Well, I'll go retrieve my beautiful Puppet Girl now," The Man concluded, before turning and walking out of the dark and empty room.


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