The next morning came way to quickly for Niall. The storm was still raging outside of the house. Apparently, it had been storming all night, but how would he know? He was tucked away in Harry's arms. A tiny groan escaped his lips when thunder sounded. From the kitchen, he heard Louis voice and the sound of something sizzling.

Jamie was still bugging Liam on the other couch, trying to get him tell her who he was constantly texting. "Tell me!", she demanded and prodded his side. She had snatched the blanket off of him and had tossed it into the floor, leaving him in only his boxers. I swear he was fully clothed when I went to sleep.

Shifting around, Niall didn't even have time to sit up before two big arms locked around him and lifted him from the couch. "Harry!", he squeaked and flailed one arm. He looked up, expecting to see brown curls but only saw a black quiff.

"Time to get up, Ni!" Zayn squeezed him and set him upright," You can't sleep the day away lad!"

"Whyyy!", he whined and rubbed his sleep filled eyes,"Whats so important..?"

"Becaaause!" Louis popped up behind Zayn with his signature grin of cheekiness," You can legally drink in america!"

Swaying slightly as if he were on a boat, Niall frowned. "Okay? Whats the heck's that got to do with me?"

"Twit! Your twenty-fucking-one! Happy Birthday!" Zayn smacked his back none to gently and grinned," Our little Horan! All grown up!" 

Zayn could be a cheeky bastard sometimes. Niall simply sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair, his blue eyes watching Jamie harass Liam. "You woke me up to tell me i'm twenty-one... What the hell. I perfectly fine- tucked away in that man's arms.." He turned, expecting to see the sleeping Harry but was only met with the ruffled blankets. "Harry?" A frown touched Niall's lips when he turned back to Zayn. "Where...?"

"He was gone when we got up", Louis interrupted quickly," Not a trace..."

Sadness courses through Niall's thin frame. This was just great. Harry couldn't even show his face on Niall's birthday. "Did he-... Is there a card or something..anything?" Surely Harry wouldn't just up and leave like that.

"Nothing at all." It was Liam who spoke next. Phone shoved deep down into his pocket, he had managed to peel himself away from the chattering mess called Jamie and come to Niall. "He just left."

Niall slumped over and felt hot tears sting his eyes. After last night, everything had seemed okay. Harry had even said he loved him and now? Here Niall was, standing in his boxers in the middle of the Malik's livingroom on his birthday, and his boyfriend had left without a goodbye.

Some birthday.

"C'mon Nialler!" Louis watched with a strained grin. If only the irish man knew where Harry was and what he was doing. Niall was left in the dark, but everyone, even Jamie, knew what the curly-haired fiend was up too. "Put a smirk on those lips and come see what Zaynie made for you!"

His feet moved against his wheel as Louis half drug him to the kitchen. "Lou.. Come on... I don't even wanna celebrate now.."

"Tough." Louis pushed him down into one of the wooden chairs and grinned. "Now look what my husband made for you- after leaving me shivering in out own bed- for your birthday breakfast!"

The birthday breakfast. A smile tugged at Niall's lip. That had been his and Harry's idea the first year the band had been together. They would all gather at someones place, usually whatever motel they happened to be staying at, and make a completely unnecessary and crazy meal. Compliments to Niall, of course. Looking out in front of him, his mouth watered.

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