Chapter 45

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"Ready to go?" Aunt Perrie asked as I got into the car.

"Yup!" I said, buckling up.

She drove us to the mall and parked the car. We got out and started going through some shops.

I got a few shirts here and there. Of course she wouldn't let me pay even though I told her Dad gave me money.

"Okay. So where do you want to look for a dress?" She asked.

"Um.. Cinderella maybe? There's not many places." I said.

"Let's go." She said. We walked to Cinderella and went towards the homecoming dresses.

"Hello. How can I help you?" The lady asked.

"I need a homecoming dress." I said, smiling a bit.

"Over in the corner." She said. I thanked her and started walking over there.

"What about this one?" Aunt Perrie asked. I shook my head.

"It's okay." I said. She nodded.

"Not that cute though." She admitted. I nodded, and kept searching.

None of these are cute.

"Oh my gosh." Aunt Perrie said. I turned around and saw her staring at something on the rack.

I went over to her and gaped at the dress.

"That is gorgeous." I said. I took it off the rack and just admired it.

"Go try it on!" Aunt Perrie said. I nodded and went towards the dressing room.

"This is so pretty." I mumbled to myself when it was on.

I went out of the dressing room and looked at Aunt Perrie. She squealed.

"You look so cute!" She gushed. I smiled, and looked at the heels.

"Do you think these will match?" I asked, picking up a pair of heels.

"Yes." She said. I put the heels on and twirled.

"I love it." I said, looking in the mirror.

"Go take it off and we'll get it." Aunt Perrie said. I nodded and got changed.

"All settled?" The lady at the desk said. I nodded and she started to ring it up.

I looked at the price, and started to get my money out.

"You are not paying for that." Aunt Perrie said.

"Yes huh. This is too much for you to buy me." I said.

She shook her head and quickly swiped her card.

"Done. Thank you, come again." The lady said.

"Aunt Perrie!" I yelled, getting odd looks from strangers.

"Yes?" She asked. She looked over and saw my mad face, and started giggling.

"I told you I would pay for it." I said, whining a bit.

"Love, I got it. I have enough money to spoil you if I can't anybody else." She said. I sighed and gave up.

"Okay. Thank you." I said, grinning to her.

"You're welcome." She said, smiling. "Let's take a picture."

We took a picture, and a few second later my phone dinged. I looked and saw she mentioned me in a post.

'Shopping with this beaut! Love her<3'

I liked it, and shared it. I looked at the time to see that it was already 6:30.

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