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Pen Your Pride

Slade's back

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So, this is for all the Teen Titan lovers out there :) i am obsessed with teen titans and i LOVE starfire and robin together so this is about trust and love and how nothing can over evercome it.


The night sky twinkled and shined with the glowing stars above. At first, Starfire was afraid. She had seen stars before but these were especially glowing. Robin, who sat beside her, read her expression.

“Star,” he said looking at her with peaceful eyes, “we’re not under attack. Sometimes the stars just choose to shine brighter on some nights.”

She sighed, relieved. “On my home planet, these twinkling lights mean that the Gordainians were attacking. I am glad there is nothing like that on this planet. Earth seems to be… home, now. but it is not just the planet that is home. It is us.”

Robin’s body stiffened and Starfire realized that she had chosen the wrong words. She quickly lifted her hand from the cement, laying it on her lap. She planned to hold his hand, but he was tense and wasn’t ready for it. “Oh!” she said quickly. “When I said ‘us’ I meant the Titans. You, me, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. We are all one family now. we trust each other and care for each other. and I hope that nothing will ever change that.” She looked down and rested her chin on her knees which she held up to her chest, her arms woven around them.

Robin’s hand touched her shoulder and she looked at him. His mask covered his eyes, but she could see his expression crystal clear. He wasn’t tense now, he wasn’t surprised. By the looks of it, he was concerned.

“Starfire,” his voice was soft as he spoke. He moved closer to her and held her hand. On the inside, she was screaming for joy and content. “You know that that will never happen. No matter who comes into the picture. Not Slade, Blackfire, or anyone.”

Starfire smiled for a second but it vanished in the same amount of time that it came. She sighed, worried. She looked at the clouds that covered the large full moon. They were so deceiving. Someone could think that, like in the child movies she had seen once, they would hold them up, suspended in air. but really, once they trust them most to catch them and not let them fall… they’re let down. And the person can never be trusted again.

“I have not been honest with you,” she said sadly. “A few nights ago, I had been pursued by Slade.” Robin’s eyes became serious, but he still held her hand, in case she needed some closure. She continued, “I know that Slade cannot be trusted. And I knew that he was playing me, but…”

Robin’s eyes could see right through her. Something bad had happened and he needed to know what. He needed to know for the sake of the city, for the team, and especially for Starfire. “But? But what, Starfire?”

Starfire’s eyes started to water and tears fell onto her cheeks. She cried softly, her head resting on her  knees. “When Blackfire and I were children, our parents were the rulers of Tamaran. They ruled with an iron fist, but were kind and gentle to all the people. Everybody loved them with all of their hearts. But one day, there came explosions. On your planet they would be called ‘fireworks’. But, like the stars glowing so brightly, the Gordainians were attacking our beloved Tamaran. My parents fought all they could, but it wasn’t enough. We were not victorious, it cost them their lives. They died in the battle.”

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