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Ok so I made this chapter longer since I took too long to update. Sorry again life is busy and hectic. Please comment and vote. This has not been edited yet. Also there is a bit of sexual type content in here nothing too major but you have been warned. Enjoy

It didn't take long to run over to our house Derek had built. As I listened closely at the door I could hear voices inside. Digging my key out of my front jean pocket, I stuck it in the door and turned it hearing the click of the door unlocking. Derek would know I was here no doubt. The clicking noise was loud enough that even some humans could hear.

"What are you doing here?" Derek asked. Max's face lit up when he seen me and a slight pang of guilt rose in my chest. I wish it was easier to be friends with Max after everything that happened but I knew Derek wouldn't allow that.

"I live here," I shrugged.

Derek stood and looked me squarely in the eye and did something I hadn't expected, he laughed.

"You were never good at lying, especially to me," he shrugged as he once again took his seat.

I guess he forgot I lied to him for so long and did it very well, but Max didn't.

"You could of fooled me. She did a good job at lying to us all for so long," Max said. I took a step back at his bitterness. I knew he was upset I chose Derek but I thought we had solved all that before I left my old pack.

"I'm talking about since we mated. Isabella does not lie to me nor do I her," Derek again was on his feet and pulled me to him as he softly planted a kiss on my forehead.

 I knew Max's words had brought up his old hate for Max and he was trying to calm down so I let him. Once I seen his eyes return to their m=normal shade I stepped back away from him determined to remember why I came here.

"Why would you sneak off for some meeting and not even tell me? Am I not the Alpha here too?" I shouted a little louder then I had intended to.

"We had a few things to discuss. You were busy hanging with Brian after the whole ordeal," Derek said.

"How is my grandson?" The  vampire who remained quiet thus far suddenly said drawing my attention to him.

"He's good though he is a bit confused on why his powers were suppressed. I figured that was more of a conversation between the two of you. But back to why I came here what is the plan boys?" I faced all three of them.

"We will set off to London first thing tomorrow. I would feel better about making sure Max makes it to his grandfathers pack and it will allow us to also swear you into the council" Derek said.

"So that was the conversation you had to have in secret behind my back?" I asked unconvinced.

"No Isabella. We were discussing strategy." Derek said. The other two just looked amused at our exchange.

"So what is our strategy?" I was growing wary of the cat mouse game.

"Max will take over his grandfathers pack, which will make it stronger as he is a more younger viable choice to lead his people. It is long overdue. You will be sworn in to the council which will strengthen your bonds to our pack and tie you to the council. We also will meet with the council," Derek said.

"So do I get to attend this meeting? Or will I need to find my own way into this meeting?" I asked.

"Look I 'm sorry. I had wanted to talk with them privately because me and Max had a few things to settle. If we are to work together I needed to put our past behind us, and Victor here had some new developments he wanted to share with me in private as well. I didn't intend not to include you love," Derek tried.

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