Review 32: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Feel Good Witch Hunting)!

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Review 32: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A not so new but amazing feel good happy fighting anime. But where witch hunters the right choice for this anime?

 In a not so normal world full of not so normal people, and the occasional normal person Witches attempt to destroy us all; one quick question though? Will our magical girls be able too handle the responsibility of taking down these sinners, or will they turn out to be not so magical after all?

I've got to say just after watching one short episode of this anime i feel in love with the style of art straight away. With our magical girls wearing super cute outfits that make the younger generation of watchers fall in love with them straight away; colour full looking fancy soul gems and witches that don't completely scare us to death after one viewing. 

The series is mainly about you young girl; shes named Madoka and is a seriously cute lead character. She encounters a weird looking cat that's almost been beaten to death (aww bless), soon after she then encounters one of the cats so called "friends" Homura; The cat can create magical girls, once the deal has been made they then become witch hunters and it's all nicely sealed off with one wish of your choice!! (Not too bad if i do say so myself).

THe series starts off as a feel good anime, everyone friendly, happy and getting on with their lives the way that they want too. But it does quickly turn into a serious series of anime. Shortly after we see a magical girl named mami (who does play a big part) fighting against a witch; Eventually her fighitng days come to an end..... It may sound slightly depressing but this makes this series of anime even better.

Madoka does eventually become a magical girl, as do a few other characters, as we also start too encounter even more of these magical people who work for one cat.... strange

Madoka Magica; A young girl who has a caring, loving family that would do absolutely anything for her in any circumstance. She attends school with normal humans and some of the magical girls. In the first episode we see one of Madokas dreams completely in black and white; within the dream she encounters a young girl who is a magical girl in real life who eventually turns up at the school as a transfer student in Madokas class. This really scares Madoka as she has never spoke about the dreams too anyone. She everntually becomes a Magical girl and fights these weird looking witches until the very end....

I do think it's an amazingly good series of anime; a bit wacky at times but a brilinat wacky not too serious anime about cute looking witch hunting fun loving girls who are completely insane in every way possible!!!

It's an amazing watch from start to finihs; it has it's own complete individual art style which stands out straight away, cute loveable characters and a short story line that actually makes sense! No confusing pasts that everyone can keep up with, it's just amazeballs! This only may be a small review but it really is worth the watch if you wnat a break from all of the mainstream stuff.

Friday 24th May 2013.     6:35 pm     ~AmyXxx

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