Nobal Furtuna

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I'm at home and my phone keeps going off. I look to see who it was and it was Furtuna. She sends me a vn saying "babe's I believe you. I'm not stupid like the others. I know we're my loyalties are. Just ignore them" tears of joy are showing on my face while we have a good 2hour convo. She don't follow the crowd.she has her own mind. Hopefully the others will listen to what I got to say before shit gets real. Furtuna is making me laugh while we are speaking and I send her a vn saying "why do you think they don't believe me? It's quite sad to know that. Some I classed as bestfriends. She replied saying "babe's, you can't have a Bestfriend in school." as are convo comes to a end I start to make a plan. SET THE BITCH UP.

I go to school the next day. All happy because I know what's going to happen..well, I was going school until I threw up..i was so ill. It was horrible knowing Felisha Was able to get a few more lies in before she dies. Yes that's write Felisha will die..when?..soon.

I'm home in bed. My phone is popping. Confused I check it. It's Victoriaa. She's texted me saying "Oi why you talking my buissness to people? Felisha told me so no point lying. Your A joke." I replied saying "look you got a problem with me? Delete me. You've know Felisha for like 24hours and you've known me for like 4years. Think about that before you want to start licking arse." she looked at my message and aired. I deleted her in BBM watssapp ect. But kept her Facebook&Snapchat (so I could pree)

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