43. Candy

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We arrived to rehearsal. We greeted more adoring fans and got straight to business. We have another show tonight.

I was on the floor about to begin my stretches, when I was blindsided be a huge pink teddy bear. This thing was bigger than me. 

"Special delivery for Marissa Bie- I mean Small." Justin peeked his head from behind the fluffy object.

"This is so adorable, babe!" I hugged the bear. Justin must of let go of the bear, because I stumbled sideways and fell on top of it. I was rewarded with laughs and giggles.

I stayed on top of it. It was so soft and comfortable. There was a weight on my back. Before I could turn my head, Justin plopped down next to me. 

"Do you like it?" He wrapped his arm around me.

"I love it." I leaned up and kissed his lips. "What should we name her." I rubbed the bear. 

"What's pink and fluffy?" 

"Cotton candy." I smiled. 

"Name her Candy." He suggested.

"So cute. I love her. Thank you." I cupped his face and left chaste kisses all over it. 

"Ok ENOUGH you two. We have work to do!" I felt someone yank on the bear, sending Justin to the floor.

I looked up and I was traveling away from Justin. I looked back. I saw Nick dragging me and Candy backstage. I turned forward and saw Justin following us. 

"Help! He's kidnapping me." I reached for his hand.

"Get up, you knucklehead." 

"No, Nick go away. I'm bonding with my baby, Candy." I held on to the bear. 

"Let's go Ri." Justin smacked my butt. 

"Ow! Watch it." 

"I am!" He smacked it again.

"Not cool!" I rubbed my sore butt and got off the bear. "You ruined my bonding moment!" I sent Justin a look. He pulled me by my waist into his chest. "You are rough with me! Oh my GOD!" I pinched his chest.

"You haven't seen anything yet." He sexily whispered in my ear, pinched my butt and ran. Did he really... Just say... What I think he said?! He was laughing from the other side of the stage.

He was telling Fredo something while looking at me laughing. I ran after him. Za was even laughing. Justin dodged me and ran towards the edge of the stage. I chased behind him.

"YOU'RE SO EMBARRASSING!" We jumped off the stage. 

"I KNOW RI! YOU SHOULD PUNISH ME!" He stood near the last row. I stopped running. There was no way in hell I was going to catch him. I headed back on stage.

I sat on the floor and started my stretches. 

"Baby, you know I was just playing." I felt warm lips on the back of my neck. 

"I know." I continued. 

"Give me a kiss." He demanded. I obeyed and kissed his supple lips.

"Do you wanna help me here?" I asked. He sat in front of me and spread my legs. "You get a kick out of that, dontchu?" I chuckled. 

"My favorite part of stretching." He winked.

"You little freak." I mumbled. 

"What?" He smirked. 

"Nothing!" I said in a high pitched voice and reached my arms out for him to grab.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but I really need to talk to Ri before rehearsal, please." Sammie pleaded. 

"Yes sure. Can you give us a second babe?"

"Yeah, no problem." Justin got up. 

"What's wrong Sammie?" I asked concerned.

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